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Meet Francis Hunt


91% of Retail Traders fail, how to join the 9%

Discover the Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] Method – a unique trading methodology that can put you in front of major expansive moves to reap maximum profit in the shortest period of time. This trading methodology, being surprisingly simple and quick to adopt, has spawned a growing community of successful HVF traders and you are invited to join…


Three Focus Areas

The Market Sniper

Our methodology is the foundation allowing us to trade any financial asset with confidence and emotional comfort.

The Market Sniper

Our unique, proven and reliable trading methodology offers a clearly defined process for high reward to low-risk outcomes and frame of reference for personal development essential for becoming a successful trader.

The Crypto Sniper

We harness the opportunity and profit potential of crypto-currencies as an exciting, expansive and highly volatile market.

The Crypto Sniper

Applying HVF Methodology when trading cryptocurrencies have given astonishing returns in the shortest periods of time and we embrace not only the trading opportunity but also the underlying ethos of decentralised money.

The Reset Sniper

We recognize an uncertain global economic future brought on by unsound financial practices as well as state policies and prepare accordingly

The Reset Sniper

Given the extreme debt, leveraging and socio-political pressures throughout the world we seek to provide commentary and guidance in what some may consider contrarian measures necessary to protect personal wealth and wellbeing.

As a specialist in the above three fields, we are at the forefront of developing real actionable profit taking and wealth preservation strategies for all participants in our trading methodology. If this resonates with you and you would like to know more about how we can help you achieve and even exceed your personal trading and investment goals then click the button below to get started…



Francis Hunt - HVF OriginatorFrancis Hunt as the originator of the Hunt Volatility Funnel trading methodology describes himself as a Trader, Technical Analyst and Teacher – see more about Francis.

As Trader

It is important to know that Francis is a trader, first and foremost. Unlike most other educators in the trading space, Francis walks the walk and talks the talk with over 26 years of experience in trading his own capital on various markets and instruments. Through this passion for trading and his relentless study of markets, theories and everything related to trading he derived for his own benefit, the Hunt Volatility Funnel trading methodology, a systemized approach that answers the key question – what is the next most profitable trade?

As Technical Analyst

Because the actual price of an asset is the truest reflection of all the factors that influence it, Francis believes that effective technical analysis – the study of price action over time – is all that is needed to formulate profitable trade ideas. Indeed, with all the market manipulation and high-frequency trading operations currently in play, technical analysis is often all that can be relied upon when it comes to formulating future price trends and a trained eye can often spot such manipulative practices – as is the case with HVF traders. The HVF methodology is therefore based purely on technical analysis with the fundamental reasons often following to justify a price move rather than preemptively explaining it.

As Teacher

Francis is passionate about sharing his knowledge and understanding of markets through utilising his HVF trading methodology. With entertaining anecdotes and careful guidance of his students, he has already trained a large community of traders, from complete newbie to seasoned professionals to trade the HVF way. In doing so, it strengthens his own trading abilities while building a vibrant community of highly successful HVF traders who share their trade ideas to the benefit of the entire community.

If you see value in these principles and you would like to find out how the HVF methodology can aid your trading and investing efforts, we invite you to click the button below to get started…



The success of our trading strategy can be attributed to the following three factors.


The HVF Method is superior to other trading methodologies in that it focuses on identifying key breakout trading opportunities, placing the trader in an immediate and often substantial positive position with considerably favourable reward to risk ratios throughout the trade. Combined with the benefit of having all key levels for the trade pre-determined including entry, take-profit and stop-loss, our trading methodology is fully comprehensive and unique in providing a level of clarity and autonomy – and freedom to live one’s life – simply unmatched by any other trading strategy.


Because the HVF Method provide a fully comprehensive framework for trading our students benefit from an extreme ease of mind and confidence throughout each of their trades. This sense of control and clear process allows our traders to develop the mindset that is often overlooked by others but in actual fact essential to the psyche of being a successful trader. Our traders quickly learn to master their emotions and not fall foul of common trader mistakes such as “Fear of Missing Out”, “Fear of Acknowledging Loss” and “the compulsion to trade”. With a higher “in control” level of decision making comes fewer mistakes and higher profits. At the same time, our methodology equips our traders with the knowledge and ability to assess and manage risk in identifying trade situations where it is completely justified to “pig out” by taking on much larger positions to maximise their potential gains.


The HVF trading methodology works equally well on all financial markets including forex, equities and commodities. But it is the Cryptocurrency market where this trading method has proven itself to be particularly profitable due to its volatility where in excess of 100% return on investment is regularly achieved in just a few hours.

The above key aspects are just a small summary of the benefits you will gain when you engage with the HVF trading methodology. To find out more about how we can assist you in achieving your trading and investing objectives simply click the button below to get started.



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