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Welcome to the home of

The Market Sniper, your specialist in high probability, fast moving, break out trading.

Whether you trade shares, Indices, Commodities, or Forex, or dabble across the board, The Market Sniper will be able to provide you with invaluable insight, and a strategy that could accelerate returns beyond your initial expectations updated LIVE as the markets change.

An Introduction To Francis David Hunt – The Market Sniper

[More Introductory Media Clips can be found on Media & Tools]
You will also learn a highly effective trading style (Break Out Trading), that will be demonstrated constantly on new developments in the market via helpful videos.

You will have The Market Sniper himself, Francis Hunt, a highly experienced Technical analyst, to help with establishing a rule based technical trading strategy and give you the tools to be successful in the market.

This Blog and service is NOT for:

  1. First time or new traders a minimum of 5 active years in the market or at least 2 – 3 years intensive involvement
  2. Under 30′s, ideally age groups between 35 – 65, the strategy requires patience, high levels of implied maturity, mindfulness, self-awareness and emotional control. Whilst many in their 20′s may have good development in these areas, experience dictates the age group described are best positioned to attain maximum benefit
  3. Intraday traders or any traders where their primary trading strategy hinges on hourly or 15 minute or smaller time frames
  4. High ‘number of trade entries’ type traders, the strategy is selective and being square is a perceived virtue until a suitably justified trade is identified

If this has not served as disqualification for you, please Register now for free, and join our community, as well as access to our ‘Live Feed’ updates. For those electing to become a Premium Member you can access many of the actual trades placed by The Market Sniper including Entries, Targets, Loss Stops and other exclusive posts!

What does The Market Sniper have to offer you in your trading career?

  • You can be provided with specific a specific ‘Set Up’ and underlyings to trade, be they shares, Indices, Commodities, Forex
  • All trades being selected as High Probability Break Outs where the move should be fast and favourable in a short time frame from entry
  • You are only entered in to the trade when a key level falls and the market has begun moving in your favour, using Buy or Sell Stops
  • When to trade, what level to enter, your level for your stop Loss, and target levels for profit taking
  • High Risk Reward trades
  • In built money management decided prior to trade entry, at technically significant levels
  • Automated entry and exit at trade inception, you can go to work safe in the knowledge that regardless of the moves all exits are in the system
  • All you have to do is place the orders as provided

Look at this recent trade below, It  is enough to get most people ‘Yelling’ from the roof Tops!