The 12X Sunday Sessions, is a 3 month program, of weekly one hour Sunday evening sessions with Francis Hunt, aka The Market Sniper, and originator of Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] Theory.

The idea is to provide a structured, Introduction, to not only the HVF set up, but to commence from the core principals of mindset, emotionality & psychology and preparing ones mental posture for long run consistent trading success.

Right through to introducing advanced principals, of HVF Theory including nestled patterns [Primers, Windups, and Boosters], Multiple Entry Strategies and more.

It will also detail when you can ‘Pig Out’ within the confines of money management and how to do it, for occasional quantum leap trades.

How to manage any ‘Over performance’s, psychological effects, on subsequent trading decisions, and why you need to break off after a major P&L Equity Leap? [This is a substantial challenge for HVF Traders].

We host all recordings in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Room, dedicated to your series, along with your colleages.

All theory is also tied to live practical current trade opportunities, making for dynamic learning environment.


Here is a short detailing of the 12 sessions &topics covered:

  1. Session 1 – Psychology, Emotions & Mental Posture + 200 Reasons why!

With Behavioral Psychology Appendix [Casino effect, Snake Bite syndrome & others]

  1. Session 2 –Keep on Keeping on – Continuation and swimming with the tide


  1. Session 3 – The Secret Insights of Key Levels of Significance (KLoS) – The simple secret largely ignored by Technical Analysis. Why its time to ‘Get Horizontal’!


  1. Session 4 – Into the Pattern: Squeeze me, Pinch me and the biggest gift that follows – “It’s the VOLATILITY Stupid!”
    1. Appendix HVF vs. Symmetrical Triangle


  1. Session 5 The Only Indicator of any value? –

Volume & OBV, preceding the move, whilst the rest lag

  1. Session 6 – ‘Scenariocasting’, Grind Lines & Fibonacci use within the HVF set up. You are a futurist, develop your vision.


  1. Session 7 –‘As Above so Below’ – The Inverted set ups for short selling – and how they differ from Bull HVF set ups.


  1. Session 8 – The 5 stages of a HVF breakout – Interim Levels, Progress Decay, In-Trade management, the gifts and opportunities. Knowing where you are and what comes next.


  1. Session 9 – Multiple Entries [Break & Entry, ‘Just-in-Time’/Traditional Entry, Making a late Entry]. Sizing & Timings for success


  1. Session 10 – Exploiting Multiple Nestled set up Patterns, [Primers, Wind Up’s and Boosters]


  1. Session 11 –MULTIPLY your way to success, the Mathematics of it all, Drawdown, Risk to Reward, All Money Management, including the ‘Recovery Ladder’


  1. Session 12 – The Line of Efficiency [LoE] and why it matters, a unique measure. Redux the difference between Investing & Trading, the effect of leverage and planned exits in a ‘set & forget world’


  1. Bonus session – No man is an Island –
    1. Organising your trading world,
    2. Journaling,
    3. Mentored Reviews of your P&L,
    4. Performance parameters of Measurement.
    5. Managing Overperformance as well as Underperformance