Am I really Shorter than my daughter?
Your mind takes short Cuts.. perspectives can be deceiving.
If anything illustrates why you should look at a chart across Multiple Timeframes

  1. across different Platforms, [Which Includes elminating ‘Price Data’ variation anomalies, but not restricted to]
  2. on different Price scaling [Arithmetic & Logarithmic]
  3. on different days, or at least again after a break [personal biorythm, emotion, mood variations]

These photographic illusions may illustrate how easily we are decieved.
Our Mind interprets that presented from a single visual perspective of view, it also skips steps to accelerate to an understanding.

Enjoy these, then think again and stop yourself after a first take on an ‘extremely bullish chart’!

Honey I shrunk ..the ‘Dad’?

Honey I shrunk the "Dad"?

‘Midgets for Tea?’

IMG_7936 IMG_7942


Whose a Big Boy Then?