Was HVF Theory near AAPL’s decline… you betcha.

But truth is, you dont replace innovators with the ‘procurement guy’, unless you just cashcowing a business. See Iphone SE slightly better camera’s in old IPhone 5’s shell? Innovation, more like vein incrementalisation, and clearing out overrun shells.

Apple has become more reactional, bigger screens to compete with Samsung, then gap fill the old size.. etc.. Will services revenue really bridge the gap if your products lose their allure.

Here are the charts, Starting with some Nasdaq100’s, AAPL being dominant portion thereof with OBV analysis, Sell in May and go away.

2016-04-27_13-05-32 OBV 2016-04-27_13-12-23


Apple charts HVF Theory was there.




Grind line and break on dissappointing results.