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 Meet Francis Hunt


Trader, Technical Analyst and Teacher – Francis Hunt, known as The Market Sniper and The Crypto Sniper is the originator of the Hunt Volatility Funnel, (HVF) trading methodology. Stemming from his over 26 years of experience and deep immersion in trading and technical analysis of various markets, this unique approach to trading is the culmination of everything he found to have been valuable and profitable on a consistent, reliable basis, distilled into a single all-encompassing trading system that can easily be learned and internalised by others.

Francis Hunt bought his first option at 21 years of age back in 1989 and has been trading equities and other assets ever since. He is a technical trader who believes all information related to an asset is reflected in its price and therefore reveal the true market sentiment of that asset. In addition to being a highly successful trader and technical analyst, Francis also enjoys teaching his trading methodology to others and in doing so he is building a community of like-minded traders around him that supports him and each other with trade ideas and positive reinforcement in an otherwise lonely and harsh environment.

He believes that most traders and the strategies they pursue expend too much effort chasing marginal rewards. For this reason, Francis coaches his students to trade much less frequently than the norm, focussing on high probability, high reward breakout trades from a very specific chart pattern known as the Hunt Volatility Funnel (HVF for short). This pattern occurs regularly across all markets and timeframes giving ample trading opportunity. However, the HVF Methodology is unique in that it provides emotional comfort to the trader as each potential trade has the full set of criteria including entry, target/ exit and stop-loss as well as trade sizing and risk to reward assessment predetermined. This level of clarity on a potential trade is frankly impossible with any other trading methodology and invaluable to both new and experienced retail traders alike.

‘TheMarketSniper.com’ is an education company for such retail traders seeking to benefit from this proven systemised approach to their trading as well as deeper understanding of how markets & price behaviour function. Our clients come from all walks of life but are often IT professionals, engineers, accountants, architects, property entrepreneurs and close to or early retirement individuals with various degrees of trading experience.

We provide services, including a bundled program, known as the Trading Metamorphosis Program (TMP), available online from anywhere in the world. Our programs include online course material,  live webinars, discussions in a community of ‘like-minded’ traders sharing and expanding on their trade ideas, software tools, broker relationships and much more.

As the name suggests, our Trading Metamorphosis Program and other offerings are designed to transition traders at any level and background from where they are today to becoming profitable, successful, financially independent – Lifestyle Traders.

Becoming a Lifestyle Trader

So what does it take to become a successful Lifestyle Trader?

Being a Lifestyle Trader should give the individual flexibility in terms of time as well as geography. It should allow the individual to operate and prosper fully autonomous from others. In short, the individual should be able to sustain or improve their quality of quality of life, without the conventional employment obligations of having to be at a certain place at a certain time.

With widespread broadband access and web-based brokerage accounts this “Lifestyle Trader” ethos is totally possible and in fact much simpler than you may think. However, the Lifestyle Trader does not involve being fixated to multiple computer screens for numerous hours a day – this would totally defeat the object and goes against our definition of a Lifestyle Trader.

The solution to becoming successful Lifestyle Trader, therefore, needs to be a holistic, reliable and workable methodology for analysing price behaviour that gives the trader all of the following key elements:

  • Trade direction.
  • Level of entry.
  • An accurate and technically derived target for closing the trade at a profit.
  • The level at which to close/ exit the position should the price fail to reach target with associated risk management.
  • Psychology, emotional, mental posture management.
  • Be flexible, for working people – a ‘set and forget’ nature that does not require constant screen watching.
  • A known Reward to Risk Ratio (RRR), with a further time in trade element because of opportunity cost, time is money.

Most trading methodologies and tactics I have encountered require continual monitoring and reacting to events and deliver Reward to Risk Ratio of 1:1 at best. With these odds, it is no wonder the 91% of retail traders lose money after brokerage fees, slippage, etc. are factored in. Typically new & intermediate traders feel a sense of ‘compulsion’ to be in the market.  Surely you aren’t trading if you don’t have any trade on at any given time… Traders confuse investing, where a ‘portfolio’ of investments are long-term held with trading, where leverage is involved and things have a habit of becoming ’emotional’ very quickly. However, investment principles such as portfolio management do not apply in the same way to leveraged trading and inexperienced traders expose themselves to undue risk without knowing the difference!

The Sniper Analogy

To better illustrate the benefits you may gain from the Hunt Volatility Funnel trading methodology we can easily draw parallels between the character traits and methodology of its practitioners and that of military snipers in that:

  1. Snipers are highly trained, valuable specialists at one thing,.. they are never asked to peel potatoes – [HVF traders also focus on a single trading strategy and in doing so become experts at it]
  2. Snipers fire very seldom – but when they do they make it count – [likewise, HVF traders only take high impact, high reward trades]
  3. Snipers exhibit high levels of patience, focus and concentration – [HVF traders learn to control their emotions, knowing to resist their instincts and not follow the crowd]
  4. Snipers observe for days on end before selecting a target and acting, often being associated with reconnaissance – [HVF traders also observe and are fully cognisant of the market they operate in without feeling compelled to “be in the market” all of the time]
  5. Snipers hone in on ‘High Reward’ targets (often tasked with taking out high ranking officers) – [HVF traders also focus on the highest Reward to Risk over Time trades and avoid wasting effort on low yielding trade opportunities]
  6. Snipers have a pre-planned exit and understand the risks involved with a safe and acceptable point, time or event to withdraw from the scene – [similarly, HVF traders always benefit from clear stop-loss and other exit criteria before entering a trade]
  7. Snipers prepared fastidiously prior to pulling the trigger – [HVF traders do all the preparation before entering a trade]

As you can see, HVF traders operate on a much higher playing field from ordinary retail traders (foot soldiers if you’ll allow such comparison). We invite you to contact us if you appreciate these benefits and would like to know more about joining our elite core.