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‘The Market Sniper’ is a retail trader education company for the 35 – 55+ year old Trader seeking the benefit of a Technical approach as well as deeper understanding of market & price behaviour function. Our clients are often IT professionals, Engineers, Accountants, Architects, Property entrepreneurs and close to retirement professionals too.

We provide services, including a bundled program, know as the Trading Metamorphosis Program [TMP available online from anywhere in the world], with mentoring, Community of ‘like minded’, doing the same thing, with trade ideas shared and analysed, software tools, broker relationships and One-2-one support.

All these and other components are designed specifically towards one primary goal:

To support, serve and slowly ‘Transition’ a client from that which they do currently for work, to becoming a successful flexible based retail trader.

Francis Hunt The Originator and Founder of Hunt Volatility Funnel method states, that whilst many companies purport to provide the ‘Blue Sky’ upside for a retail trader, most provide general technical analysis theory or tactical trade ideas, but most traders fail and are left disappointed.

What you need to become a successful trader?

The solution to becoming successful needs to be wholistic and encompass all of the following elements:

  1. Method of analysis
  2. Trade set up
  3. Trade direction
  4. Level of entry
  5. Associated risk management stop & technically derived target
  6. Psychology, emotional, mental posture management
  7. Flexible, for working people, a ‘set and forget’ nature unknown reward
  8. A known Reward to Risk Ratio (RRR), with an additional element, namely time, we include a predetermined time stop prior to trade entry (RRR/T)

Most tactics I have encountered require, continual monitoring and reacting to events and deliver RRR of 1 or less after brokerage and slippage in actual execution.

See the Free Link to ‘Why 91% of traders fail and how you can become the 9%’ The Market Sniper principles fly in the face of, an ‘always in’ approach.

Typically new & intermediate traders, feel a sense of ‘compulsion’ to be in the market. ‘ Surely you aren’t trading if you have not expressed a view in the market yet?’.

Traders confuse Investing where a ‘portfolio’ of investments are long term held, and trading, where things, involve ‘leverage’ and have a habit of becoming ’emotional’ suddenly.

Investment principles, such as portfolio theory, do not apply in the same way to leveraged trading!

Be a highly focused, single strategy specialist rather than a generalist[Whose paycheck do you want the Paramedic or Brain surgeon?]

One of the key reasons for this ‘off the plain’ quantum difference in ‘efficiency’ is, that Snipers:

  1. are highly trained valuable specialists at one thing, they are never asked to peel potatoes.
  2. fire highly infrequently
  3. exhibit high levels of patience, focus and concentration
  4. observe for days on end before acting [their role was typically associated with Reconnaissance, as well]
  5. were specifically focused on ‘High Reward’ targets [often shooting high ranking officers], with a safe getaway close to assured ‘Low Risk’
  6. prepared fastidiously prior to the ‘triggering event’ , with specialist equipment designed exactly for the role [All the work is done before]
  7. have an acceptable point, time or event driven where they always withdrew, from the battlefield, with safe pre-planned exit. [pre-planned Stops & targets, ‘off risk’]

Back to the trading world, we are not here to enrich brokers, HFT Algorithms and other ‘service providers’ in the trader’s supply chain, with a high level of ‘activity’ and churn, we want long run consistent ‘outcomes’ for ourselves for ourselves and our’ retail trader’ colleagues.

3 easy steps to help you Trade efficiently?

A short word on ‘Efficiency’:- In World war 2, the average foot soldier fired 250,000 rounds for every enemy casualty, in the Vietnam conflict this did not improve, in the jungles of South East Asia, this number was approximately 400,000. From all conflicts it is estimated that the overall statistic for ‘snipers’, is 1.3 rounds per confirmed kill.

Some difference?

A few performance changing secrets..
but you’ll also need the method, to truly ‘shift’.

Whether you elect to engage with me or not, I will give you 3 simple rules that will markedly improve your trading right here:

  1. Cut your number of average trades taken in a month over the last year by 2/3’s. That’s right if you do 30 a month do 10, if you do 10 a month, now do 3 trades a month.
  2. Never enter a ‘at market’ order again! That is correct you read correctly, now is almost never ‘the Key moment’, plan your trades by trading level, and let the market take you in on ‘pending orders’. Market orders mean you don’t value or understand the concept of entry level optimisation and its effect on Time on risk and Risk to Reward Ratios.
  3. Always have a pre-planned take off Target. With every trade a target, with some technical justification therefore, with pre-calculated money management of that risked and possible gain RRR assessment. That benchmark that you measure, is that you will improve, absolute profits are ‘ego’, attained RRR is ‘process’. Master the process makes money in the end, chase the money and it runs from you.

Of course I believe these FREE 3 points will help you improve your trading.

The Method in ‘the Sniper’ Madness

But it doesn’t bring you a plausible method of approach on how to determine and implement these points.

Which brings us to the Hunt Volatility Funnel Method [HVF Method], for this we behave like The Snipers, only we are The Market Snipers!

The attributes of a Sniper in Trading:

  1. Highly selective opportunity approach
  2. Pre-planned Entry, Stops & Targets, [Non-Reactional/Emotional approach]
  3. Patience and the curbing of compulsive requirement to be always ‘in the Game’. The excitement reflex of the Monkey brain
  4. Entry & Engagement only when a clear & definitive high probability of outcome occurs with outstanding risk reward ratio’s [RRR]
  5. Emotional Containment and a reframing of ones response to risk, drawdown & success
  6. Holistic opportunity assessment, including intramarket analysis, volume based analysis, pattern & price behaviour and event based scenario forecasting

“A fully transferable skill awaits you.. one that can provide for you and will last a lifetime

Using these attributes, The Market Sniper & HVF Theory were responsible for Calling:

  1. Copper for a ‘Trump’ Outperformance 32% Move beginning 2017
  2. Our Gold and Silver Long trades taken for a 21 RRR, just prior to 23rd February’s 2017 Unemployment number, on a recent training day
  3. Porsche for a 39% Move from, VW/Porsche Group Emission scandal lows
  4. The 2nd stage sell off of the EURO against the robust Norwegian Krona NOK, USD & CHF, The end January 2017
  5. In 2014 Brent Oil Short for a major secular turn on the break of $103 in 2014 April, [Charts, YouTube recorded media exist for all claims]
  6. In 2015 a prediction that the EURCHF Floor fail in January 2015 for 30% overnight $EURCHF gain
  7. In 2009/10 the original EURCHF ‘Greek crisis’ crash of 2009/10 from 1.50 to near parity
  8. Large Macro FX Emerging Market Devaluations from 2014, with a huge 80% USDRUB move substantial other devaluations from the USDTRY 50%, USDZAR 45%, USDBRL, USDMXN over a mere 2 year timeframe
  9. Both the 2000-2011 Gold & Silver Bull Run & trading the subsequent Bear run of 2012 to 2015
  10. Francis has open predictions of a Deutsche Bank, & Barclays Bank Bailout from various dates in 2014/5 on both. Long before these were recently brought into focus.
  11. Hunt Volatility Theory, saw us in November 2015 call for major Equity Index sell off’s, in an appearance on World Finance, in world markets coming into January 2016 on a China Slowdown
  12. Many others to list.

Most importantly The Market Sniper, Its staff and its students believe the skills for these kind of calls are totally, learnable, transferable and implementable for almost any committed adherent with time and application.

“Smart trading is being relaxed, enjoying life, knowing planned trades have their take profits and stop losses in place.

In short there are no ‘Guru’s in our company, merely Practioners of a highly insightful and edge providing skillset.
The Lively Private network member area, see’s input from all involved with many early students providing excellent big picture trades.

Whilst we do not seek to create over weighted expectation, like so many in this space, candidates have upon occasion have through early success’s have covered the cost of their program and some. Over the preceding 18 months to a multiple of the initial investment is possible and thereafter, over the following 5+ years, you may consider it the most liberating and worthwhile investment you have ever made.

The Company has multiple products for skill development.


  1. The Flagship, Trading Metamorphosis Program – A bundle of all the available components
  2. Basecamp membership, through your desktop and smart phone application, with email alerts on activity
  3. Trading days
  4. Bi-weekly & Event driven Webinar sessions on the markets and current opportunities, implementing the HVF method.
  5. Special Alert Trade sessions
  6. One to one consults

Broker set ups, that best suit, value, execution and counterparty risk

“Life is short, dont stay in a Job you hate, don’t trade your precious hours for drudgery, Time to build out your time rich lifestyle starting today.

In the future we will be providing

  1. A follow my trades service & platform, Real time with trade ticker provision for copy/adjustment [Entry/Stops/Target/Sizing]
  2. A high quality Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] set up trade feed, across multiple markets

The experience may feel like being show how to hold the cricket bat correctly for the first time, and finding it awkward, until you attain that first meaty strike of the ball off the centre of the bat, or following a pro mountain bike rider, on a wider yet faster line through a sharp descent bend, and never taking the tighter inside line again, after a sharp drop in your time. Whilst never ‘easy’ things can feel a little easier and you can attain a deep seated shift, leaving you knowing you will not ever return to your old habitual way. you start positioning yourself in places where you appear ‘luckier’ and receive ‘pleasant’ surprises too, where before there was mainly pain.

It is time for you to claim your trading ‘shift’?