2017-07-15_14-19-58 Targets

Hi Trader Friends,


Folks become emotional believers after they make more money than they are accustomed too, on a particular Crypto coin, no better example than Ethereum.


Till now it has largely not paid to be out of the coin.


The ‘HODL’ Rule has paid well and will do again, however recognising clear category cycles, will pay even better. This is not day trading just cycle picking.


‘All traders are heroes in a Long Only Crypto Market. The bear separates the men from the boys’.


An analysis of BTC/ETH/XRP vs USD/T, shows weakness in Cryptoland.


Here is my video take on BTCUSD/T and below that my Take on ETHUSD/T:


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Ripple XRPBTC was the first to set up a First Inv HVF in a new trend, few believed our sell off call from 24’s for take out of 1’s with Overperformance.

2017-05-19 08_35 Trend

But it rolled.

…and rolled.



Whilst this was happening Ethereum went into a blow off up move.

A precursor of later underperformance, so few recognise this as giddy amounts are made overnight.

Note the mamoth climb vs Tether [USDT] $40 – 400 in under a month!


Then the First Inv HVF.

Folks commented never sub $200 on our youtube clip..

2017-07-15_16-05-18 ann


ETH escape sellers/runners may have sustained BTC a little longer.. but now BTC has a triggered break, we cancelled our default continuation call at this point in the chart below. the one below was the trigger of the downside break.


2017-07-10_19-04-48 ann

We revised our draw here, as below.

2017-07-15_14-19-58 Targets

The sell off will stun, believers.. trading is not about ‘belief’, but recognising what you see, and knowing there is a season for everything and being quicker than the masses to recognise this.


The Winter seasons maybe short for Cryptoland, but they will still come.


Spring and summer will return, best not to be too beaten down to ensure you recognise it when it comes.

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