AMZN, BABA – Tech/Online Retailers to dissappoint


Christmas is here, could it be that the…

…US Tech Retailers BABA and AMZN are set to disappoint?

Note from the chart Below:

  1. the OBV divergence
  2. the exhaustive melt up high
  3. The precipitative Gap sell off
  4. The Legacy Upside funnel run [L1 & RL2]
  5. The failure in the gap zone currently [RH1/2]
  6. 775 as a KLoS [Not Drawn]


BABA Daily

Note Above:

  1. Meltup exhaustive gap at 90 KLoS on final melt up exhaustion run
  2. Small Red Head & Shoulders with 100 neckline made target at 90
  3. Target 90 is possible RL1 Inv HVF at KLoS [90 and H&S TGT]
  4. Potential Larger H&S with 90 neckline, possible TGT 70 [Both H&S’s done HVF Method manner]
  5. OBV falling away, new low vs RL1’s OBV value, although price yet to make it.
  6. Lower chart: gap for it break at 90 over the 90 KLoS
  7. Weak return move post gap down to 90 then new low


Conclusion with a higher probability than normal =>

…US Tech Retailers BABA and AMZN to disappoint.

Trade Short Amazon at any rally towards 775 – TGT 682, Stop at rally high post move down, initial stop RH2.

My Video take here just below, sharing & Likes appreciated if you derive value, Thank you.

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