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I believe AUD/NZD is eyeing a parity break, in what will be a firm spell of AUD weakness.

I teach the 3+1 Time frame view approach, also with ‘Intramarket Analysis’ , ie AUD against other pairs.

The 3 time frames are Trend, Pattern & Trigger time frame, where ever there are set ups + The


Super Macro – Provides clarity when pairs are at extreme highs or lows against each other indicated by the yellow bands, also captures major ebb & flows.

Note the rising wedge bull run for the Ozzie to 2011 in a rising wedge Miner commodity bull run on the ‘China’ factor, see how it just runs the prior high then the trend dies and there is a down break on the rising wedge.

AUDCAD [Monthly]

2016-02-14_22-25-53 super macro


Trend View [Weekly]

2016-02-14_22-24-26 trend view ann

I remember the AUD/NZD 1st INV HVF in a new trend [numbered 1/2/3] trade, in a down move well, it out lasted me and I failed to extract what I should have. In hindsight, I believe this was already showing the weakness in China well ahead of when it was know to us all, compare the downturn to when Copper turned bear and you’ll understand what I mean [Copper is the key industrial Building metal].


Copper for fun.. Note the peak and slam down during 2011, signifying exhaustion and beginning of reversal.


09.09.13 2217 Inv HVF super ann death of copper


Weekly AUDCAD Again, Highlighting 2011 again, with Oil also below it.


2016-02-14_22-24-26 trend view ann 2011 turn

Brent Weekly

2014-08-14_16-45-22.png down break 2011 was turn


Pattern View

Here is why I believe we are eyeing the parity and a run through to 0.9328, we have another flat bottomed Inverted Hunt Volatility Funnel [Inv HVF]. a wind up is always required to break a key support level, remember the previous low supported on 1.0022. Proving the obvious that prity is a Key Level of Significance [KLoS].

2016-02-14_22-36-13 pattern ann


Trigger Timeframe


Through the microscope, how the timing details have played so far, and how it may break as a scenario.


2016-02-14_23-13-11 trigger TF



Oil has been spanked as we all know we called the short from $103, this has been lethal for the CAD.

Oil Call here Brent short from $103 here for those not seen this chart, Target was $77 with expected overperformance as a first set up in a new trend:

2014-08-14_16-45-22.png down break

Back to AUDCAD…

However we find ourselves in a first Inv HVF on the AUDCAD, which means over performance as detailed in the original 2011 AUDNZD.

AUDCAD pre break H4



AUDCAD today


The Video clip


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