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Crypto Trading Runs – Part 2 – ‘A Few Skirmishes won’, Jesus brings the sun! £8K ==> £60K in 6 weeks

Hi, Having begun on a rather foreboding note, time to look to the heavens from a message up high, surely a place, where safe from a lie. So it came, a Message of hope, £8k to £60K and thats no joke. Jesus! I cried.. he said yes thats me.. Joao to my friends.. ..if you care to be. Joao Jesus, a musical man of note, turned trader, and regales us with how he scooped more than a goat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4SJd9RarCI Don't miss out! The program that Joao subscribed on is about to go up... Last Chance! Get access to 18 Steps of a Lifestyle Trader at £200 discount before its price rise. Transcription of Joao Jesus

Crypto Trading Runs, The Summer smiles now, for the Winter she comes – Part 1 – ‘The Winter’

Hi, Had a surge of new friends join us since the mid year. It's been quite a ride in the markets especially Crypto wise.   But first some FEAR...Courtesy of Sovereign Man. Here she goes.. don't be afraid.   A few weeks ago the Board of Trustees of Social Security sent a formal letter to the United States Senate and House of Representatives to issue a dire warning: Social Security is running out of money. Given that tens of millions of Americans depend on this public pension program as their sole source of retirement income, you’d think this would have been front page news... … and that every newspaper in the country would have reprinted

Why Crypto’s are not a bubble & Neither was Tech..!

  Bubbles. That's what we're talking about today. Being active now in the crypto space for maybe three months, being aware of it for a lot longer than that, but only really being in the midst of it, attending conferences, speaking to industry insiders, actively trading and investing it. One of the first phrases that comes up is bubble, often by people outside the industry, and sometimes from people within the industry.   I think there's a misunderstanding about this whole phrase, bubble. There are events. Tulip mania, if we go back to years gone by, was a complete bubble in my understanding of the word of the bubble. In other words, we had a situation

‘All traders are heroes in a Long Only Crypto Market. The bear separates the men from the boys’. An analysis of BTC/ETH/XRP vs USD/T, shows weakness in Cryptoland.

Hi Trader Friends,   Folks become emotional believers after they make more money than they are accustomed too, on a particular Crypto coin, no better example than Ethereum.   Till now it has largely not paid to be out of the coin.   The 'HODL' Rule has paid well and will do again, however recognising clear category cycles, will pay even better. This is not day trading just cycle picking.   'All traders are heroes in a Long Only Crypto Market. The bear separates the men from the boys'.   An analysis of BTC/ETH/XRP vs USD/T, shows weakness in Cryptoland.   Here is my video take on BTCUSD/T and below that my Take on ETHUSD/T:

Crypto’s with Jason King, Podcast & Youtube discussion.

Hi, Our Podcast and Youtube with Jason King on Crypto beginings. The Podcast for the Audio take <== Click Here YouTube clip, Jason King, Crypto Kid making good. Jason King, Crypto Kid making good <== Click Here Enjoy, the episode. Warm Wishes The Crypto Sniper ===> Check out our Our Online Self  Study Program. 18 Steps to a Lifestyle Trader, with the Hunt Volatility Funnel Method This professionally presented online program, through the New Kajabi Online platform, entails: 18 topics taken an hour at a time, spliced into 4 x 15 min consumable segments videos, for a full series starting at Alpha right through to Omega. With additional Bonus and case Study material, plus an enticing

When Methodology, Mindset and Market meets.. in the New Crypto era – Jargon — ‘HODL’?

Hi, So how's the Crypto Trading world been going? Not at all.. well I am afraid its where the action is at right now.. I know as aI just received emails like these below!   Thankfully we don't require mails like these, we are in the thick of it already. In fact we are in the 'Lucky' Intersection of  the 3 M's... The Holy Troika of.. Mindset, Methodolgy & Market. Mentality & HVF Method + CRypto's = Melt Up for wealth. I am not talking purely personally either, my 'Fellow Tribe members' are very much up. Some mentioning growth percentages deep into 3 digits in narrow timeframes. Surely this is not normal and it all

Booz Allen Hamilton & GBPUSD

Hi,   A short update on our Trading Day Longs on GBPUSD and BAH.   Booz Allen Hamilton BAH & GBPUSD   Enjoy.   Francis

Bitcoin been the relative hold as Ethereum Tops out, How you may have spotted this and where next..

Hi, Bitcoin been the relative hold as Ethereum Tops out, How you may have spotted this. Followed by why we are now back in Ethereum.. Watch the analysis here. There is a once off offer to join a limited Crypto group below.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_TRBTDL8JQ   We saw BTCUSD set up for a $2586 run through.   Target Made.. below     Also the first Inverted HVF for Ethereum against Bitcoin ETHBTC, signaled ETH's run was over and time to be in BTC.     Wish you could be part of the Crypto money making mayhem? Whilst we are active across all top 20 Crypto's we just switched back to Ethereum.. Click the chart below to

Steve Keen – Can we avoid another financial crash, with Francis Hunt

The Podcast. Steve Keen & Francis Hunt - Can we Avoid Another Financial Crisis Part 1 of 2   https://audioboom.com/posts/5921666-steve-keen-francis-hunt-can-we-avoid-another-financial-crisis     Epilogue   https://audioboom.com/posts/5921735-steve-keen-francis-hunt-epilogue-part-2   Time to take action for your reset preparation, have a chat with Francis here: Book Here <== to Move your Financial Prep game forward. Enjoy the week The Market Sniper Team.  

Francis Hunt (“The Market Sniper”) Trading Strategy Principles (Part 2/2). By Alvaro Rivero

Part 2.   Francis Hunt (“The Market Sniper”) Trading Strategy (part 1/2). By Alvaro River2   The market creates a set of criteria (levels prior to an event) and then distinctly moves in a manner that says: “Right, I’m about ready to take serious direction in the following way”. This is the big unspoken key aspect that is unique to the Hunt Volatility Funnel theory. The HVF concept “key  levels of significance (KLOS)” goes beyond just support and resistance, the traditionally well­known element of horizontal levels in technical analysis. Key points: – Why to trade the “breakout way”? The clearest result of a good breakout strategy is to gain a substantial return very fast; In