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Losing Fiat ‘in the Ether’..Break out delights from the Crypt[o’s]

Why you should be Investing & Trading Crypto's & How you could have a secret edge over all the other early adopters! Hi Everyone, Great to be in touch with you all again. I have a feeling we are at a cusp of a still fairly new 'early doors' opportunity in the Crypto-Currencies space. In Fact in terms of Bitcoin at $1330+, the Horse can be argued to have bolted. Amazingly However, I can see a situation where the best is still to come in Crypto's and isn't always about the first one. Remember Altavista, Excite, Ask Jeeves, Lets Go or Yahoo search, still around just.. Google came later and learnt from the early starters

In November 2015 we said sell China Buy Russia, what is our trade theme for 2017?

In November 2015 we said sell China Buy Russia, what is our trade theme for 2017? The Ruble was one of the strongest currencies and oil staged a partial recovery, whilst China failed. Here is what we have for you this year, the East is in trouble in our view. But precious Metals will shine.. for a 30% move+ to the Yen, for Gold alone & 60%+  for Silver [XAUJPY, XAGJPY].

A Tale of deadly timing – How Porsche Got motoring again [Part of VW Group]

Hi, Welcome to 2017, its going to be fascinating as ever, this year. But first tuck in with me and go on a journey, a short story awaits. Trading is a funny old game, I was reading the book ‘Mastering the Game of Money’. One of the descriptive passages spoke of two wealthy men. One of them being the wealthiest man in Germany at the time, Mr Adolf Merckle, net worth $12 Billion. He owned the largest Pharmaceutical company in Europe, he also had interests in manufacturing & construction. He fancied himself as a speculator too, [Dangerous]. Sure way to a small fortune = Start with a Large Fortune + add novice speculation tendencies. In