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My recommended Traders reading book list & Free resources +YouTube Playlists

Hi, In this post I have placed a Book List of worthy reads by segment. Below that are some awesome free video's to watch too. I hope you enjoy feel free to drop comments & suggestions below. Sharing this post with likes is greatly appreciated, if it has been useful to you. Warm Wishes Francis     ==============   Book List   Mental Psychological   Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas – Have read, Excellent focus on mental posture towards risk. Key point is you can analyse and study all you want to fundamentally, to improve as a trader you need to develop the right emotional response to risk.   The Chimp Paradox Dr

Short & Sweet Micro post – 5 Bullets why Deutsche Bank will not exist in current form for long.

    Below: 1.  Deutsche Bank's failure to recover beyond a dead cat bounce post 2008, belies ' a never was fixed' narrative 2. Macro Weekly Inv HVF technical set up that has already triggered, with Target through Nought see below charts 3. H4 Inv HVF winding up at the level of the first Interim Level 1, with a Target to Interim level 2 4. Fundamentally: Continual losses unchecked, below even most pessimistic expectations 5. Unheralded Derivatives positions totally 75 Trillion..5x entire EU GDP and 20x, excessissive leverage to capital base. Bonus Reason:  Was the Dumb money in last subprime crisis with US Investment banks unloading their toxic CDO positions to DB near the end.

Virtual Trading Metamorphosis Program [vTMP] & a Value Pack ‘Lite’ Program – Theory Weekend, Traders Vault & 3 weeks Full basecamp.

Hi, My Next Theory weekend, which is the Kickoff & Official commencement for a new Trading Metamorphosis Program [TMP], the 6 month [2 month educational, 4 month Implementation], is on June the 18th 2016, This will be a 'Virtual' delivered Program only for this date, you will see me in a window on your, NoteBook, Ipad or Desktop plus my screen share in a separate windows. As always we are live and interactive for questions throughout the weekend sessions in a Gotomeeting Structure. But the key opportunity, for those interested in the lower price entry point in cost terms, we have put together as a once off, a high value Low Cost sampler "The Value

$AAPL – Tim’s, No Elon or Jobs’, cross product collapse – NASDAQ OBV divergence..

Hi, Was HVF Theory near AAPL's decline... you betcha. But truth is, you dont replace innovators with the 'procurement guy', unless you just cashcowing a business. See Iphone SE slightly better camera's in old IPhone 5's shell? Innovation, more like vein incrementalisation, and clearing out overrun shells. Apple has become more reactional, bigger screens to compete with Samsung, then gap fill the old size.. etc.. Will services revenue really bridge the gap if your products lose their allure. Here are the charts, Starting with some Nasdaq100's, AAPL being dominant portion thereof with OBV analysis, Sell in May and go away.   Apple charts HVF Theory was there.     Grind line and break on dissappointing

Philip Green & BHS – The Zeigeist of the Global Corpotocracy in one simple parable

The Saga of Sir Philip Green & British Home Stores [BHS]. It has everything: Wild expansion & Business Revenue ramp Cheap debt Global Outsorcing to China Tax 'Efficiency' via wife & Monaco 'offshore haven' Political influence Knighted by the Queen, after being put forward by Tony Blair,  for 'services to the retail industry' £100 Millions pound Dividends High Rolling casino Nights out as 'King of the Tables' Nepotism - Phil Green's Stepson made £3 million on onsale of property acquired through BHS Hollowed out Pension fund Extreme wealth for boss, bereft workers, minimum wage and underfunded pensions £100 Million Super Yacht to be delivered to 'Sir Philip' * Sold to Retail Acquisitions for £1.00 for