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My suggested, “Trading, Hard Technical Topics & Entertaining Narrative Reads + Mentality, Financial & Geopolitical Macro Game” Book list

  Hi,   This is not meant to be a conclusive list. But solid areas of value add in technical analysis are found here, with no fluff, all aspects contribute where most indicators don't.   Also some key mentality ponderings for 'inner game'. Then get some understanding of the Macro game of players and the levers to understand Intramarket flows and Knock on effects.   Hope you enjoy, no incentives taken for the list and I am quite blunt and direct on what I believes is valuable and whats not. I am not an 'everything is awesome' kinda of Guy, to rate as 'good' normally requires others 'Exceptional/must read!' billing or is just in my

Brochure -Trading Metamorphosis Program

Hi, Please find our trading metaMorphosis Brochure right here:- Final Brochure 21.04.16     See you on the other side for your Trading 'Shift'. Warm Wishes Francis

8x Sunday sessions Last Call for 24th April Kickoff

Hi, I have an amazing Sunday Sessions Program, which is every thing I know about HVF Theory Live, with Questions presented to you for an Hour each Sunday for 3 on 1 off, 3 on one off and a final 2 advanced Sessions. All are recorded and you also receive a Live Trading day Free Pass virtually with me, a Skype One to one and a Project for hosting all recordings of the events for 12 weeks and for interacting The 8 x Sunday sessions on HVF Theory are just £249 and will include. Chapter by Chapter chronologically on HVF Theory each Sunday for an hour Plus a 15 minute Market Review for the week

Free eBook ‘91% of traders lose, how to become the 9%’ Free Autowebinar and eBook

Hi,   91% of Traders Fail, How to become the 9%   Webinar http://tradersecretmasterkeys.co.uk/webinar/webinar-register.php? Deutsche Bank Bust & Bail In..call   For Readers Only there is a transcription, however better overall experience to utilise the Autowebinar above.   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eCxr8SuN64Siwu5_yghJEhpGS_SYkoNc3VpyPcCfGzE/pub   Enjoy.   Francis Hunt   For Membership/Trading Metamorphosis Program/The HVF MT4 Draw Tool email: Trade@TheMarketSniper.com

Freeview on Recorded Previous Sunday Sessions on HVf Theory 2 hours worth in 15 Min Segments

Hi Please find just under 2 hours of previously recorded 'FreeView' similar to our Forthcoming Sunday Sessions. The 8 x Sunday sessions on HVF Theory are just £249 and will include. Could you have made money had you know Oil was a short from $103, and would supercede at Least $77, with a high likelihood of substantial overperformance to the downside. HVF Theory did this and more. Oil pivital Year 2011 •All Chapter's chronologically delivered on HVF Theory each Sunday for an hour •Plus a 15 minute Market Review for the week ahead - ‘Whats the Trade?' •Plus a Basecamp Project for recordings •And a Live trading day attendance We Start 24 th

FED’s Selfmade Crossfire

FED's Selfmade Crossfire, Flattening curve dont feel so good. http://www.slideshare.net/FrancisHuntTheMarket/feds-selfmade-crossfire-tips-tv-51-070416 https://vimeo.com/161704591

My take on the Panama Files Leaks – The Hegelian Dialectic

I am going to provide my view at a different level to the Mainstream media. My take is that this is classic problem-reaction-solution The Hegelian Dialectic ...at work. The extreme elite, literally have bent the genie curve or wealth distribution to an utter extreme and know there is resentment for this in the masses. A US CEO to shop floor multiple has never been this high ever. Here is a 422:1 example below So this highly across the board reported 'Panama leak' has been stage managed for timing and all the details, including those implicated. You will note Rockefeller, Rothschild, Loeb, Warburg, Schiffs families etc.. Are not indicted by this leak, it is all people