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Price Behaviour – Your Insider Detective on the markets – A GulfSands Petroleum revisit GPX:LON

Hi, In April 2013, I viewed a Spreadbet Magazine article, that was bullish GulfSands Petroleum [GPX:LON]. Instantly on seeing the chart I recognised a High Quality Inverted Hunt Volatility Funnel [Inv HVF] in formation. In short I was very 'Bearish' from first glance. I did a draw and concluded a weak rally would likely commence, possibly just running the 100p level. HVF Law 101 -'Key Levels of Significance' are usually just run due to 'Order Clustering' at key round numbers. From there, my suggested short point at 102p, I expected a collapse below 29p, in short less than 30% of the market Capitalisation to remain. This was a Psychologically difficult call, during April 2013, I

Dollar up or down FED confusion.

[big_title]Title[/big_title][flexslider][flexitem img="" alt=""][flexitem img="" alt=""][/flexslider]   Hi, The Fed Now Finally realising the need for a weaker Dollar according to Saxo. https://www.tradingfloor.com/tv/popout?slug=fed-pursuing-aggressively-weaker-usd-policy-jakobsen-7304827 Saxo refers to a weaker Dollar supporting SP500 companies earnings. [Think our over strong Indices Fakers rally] My belief that the FED will be working to support the Stock market, rather than stressing for BRIC nations debt repayments. Technically this is very interesting as we have the Dollar Index & Euro set up in continuation patterns DX up and EURUSD down, so will this pattern break up or will there be more mixed messages from the FED and after a very Doveish message will the next appear markedly less so?   I have

Why I don’t believe The east [China/Russia] or anywhere are planning a Gold Standard

"The purpose of such massive stockpiling can only be with the intent of resurrecting “the gold standard.” " Hmmm... Lets evaluate that statement. - When the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England accumulated bullion in the 19th century, did they do it to strengthen the specie convertability of the Pound Sterling? Or did they do it so they could issue more paper, claiming the Gold was there such that it could be used to manipulate markets, while actually disbursing the Gold to themselves, and their Cronies? - When those same bankers transferred their Gold to the US during WWI and in the 1920s...was it to REALLY to strengthen the US Gold Standard? Or did they do it to

Silver & Gold are you stacking for Reset Day?

Hi Guys, I have the impression that 2016 will be the begining of the next epic downturn. This time a full reset may occur. Here are my charts on where we are at. On the Monthly scale we are in a Bull run that has had 11years up and 5 years down. Note the later years have been like a falling wedge which has broken to the upside, as is typical. A revist dip remains a possibility, but I believe the hard selling off for this metal is over.   Also note how when the XAU/XAG ratio gets above 80 its a warning of big problems. This means Gold climbing in value relative to silver

Connor McGregor, Sport & Trading as a microcosm of Life

Hi,   *** News Flash Update  *** ============================================================================================== Addendum, to this post, Connor McGregor, due to his high 'Hype' power and Big Business Draw, has 'bought' out of reputational currency,  a rematch, with Nate Diaz.   To me this is the equivalent, of someone with a big and growing trading account, after a first sudden unexpected and sizeable loss, returning to the same market to 'get his rightful & entitled money back', from the market who took it from him. The 'Revenge Trade' in the same market is on. Revenge trading is usually fatal and quickly so, not universally immediately so, but in most instances pretty fast. Trading is a microcosm of life, emotionality in

EURUSD Parity Run, USDRUB thru 100, Fakers Rally On Indices

Hi, I broach the following: EURUSD Parity Run, USDRUB thru 100, Fakers Rally On US Indices   Slide Share here, Some of the key charts after the slides, video walk through at the bottom: http://www.slideshare.net/FrancisHuntTheMarket/eurusd-thru-parity-on-banking-crisis-draghi-qe-nirp