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Hey Retail Trader, Be careful whose trades you follow! We look at FuturesTechs & First4Trading.net

*** Note this post was subsequently addended below 28th April 2016 , by Clive Lamberts,email response which I have shared, along with my reply. It is my belief he is a decent man, with good intentions, as far as it is even my place to comment. However my criticisms of the particular trade in question remain. ***   Hi, If ever you elect to take 'another' man's trade, beware of the following, you are: abdicating your responsibility for managing your own money to someone else, it is an act usually bereft with laziness, blind faith and is fundamentally disempowering. setting yourself up for potential 'victimhood' for when things go wrong, which externalises your locus of

The Mega Equity Crash & Economic downturn Presentation – Slides Audio & Later Video’s

Hi, Please find the slides linked here from Friday February the 19th 2016. Presentation for London Investment Week 19.02.2015 final edit (1) Here below is the Audio Only for excellent sound quality for those in a Podcast mode! Audio Link here, Starts after 02:13 If you check Back in a few days time we will also host the videos of the full session for you to share with others or to view again.   Here are the Vimeo Links Part 1: Password for all 3 = 'LIS2016' https://vimeo.com/156071996 Part 2: https://vimeo.com/156072227 Part 3   https://vimeo.com/156072337   Warm Wishes Francis    

MegaCrash Part 3 – China, Commodities & Cargo

The great, 2008 recovery powering force, was meant to be that of China.   Turning its Rural Community into, urbanised economically active dwellers 500 million at a time. Even if this was possible, it would be a bumpy transition, with many an overshoot, and Mal-Investment.   So when did China truly start slowing? A large part of the China 'miracle' would be the insatiable appetite for commodities especially for building, homes, commercial office & infrastructure.   Part 1 - Copper bottom. One of the most critical construction industrial metals is Copper. DEFINITION of 'Doctor Copper' Market lingo for the base metal that is reputed to have a Ph.D. in economics because of its ability to

AUD/NZD eyeing Parity break thru 0.9328?

Hi Trader friends, [Prefer to watch a clip of this Blog Post, drop to the bottom of the post] I believe AUD/NZD is eyeing a parity break, in what will be a firm spell of AUD weakness. I teach the 3+1 Time frame view approach, also with 'Intramarket Analysis' , ie AUD against other pairs. The 3 time frames are Trend, Pattern & Trigger time frame, where ever there are set ups + The SuperMacro Super Macro - Provides clarity when pairs are at extreme highs or lows against each other indicated by the yellow bands, also captures major ebb & flows. Note the rising wedge bull run for the Ozzie to 2011 in a

FANGS can’t thrive in a void.. whilst others collapse..AMZN 4 month lows

Hi, In the Chart Below note the following: OBV/Price Divergence at the peak. The final stages of a melt up exhaustive gaps buying splurge, followed byBear Break away & Continuation gaps The Aug - Sep 2015 Bull HVF, built up around the Key Level of Significance [KLoS] of $500, Funnel has been run in a clear 'undoing' of previous successful bullish patterns continuation series and a clear Bear signal Also note Price behaviour & Pegging levels for options at $450, 550, $600 The previous alluded to HVF provided a $650 target as you expect it to be just run, this was close to a working neckline for what seemed and imperfect Head & Shoulders top

Mega Crash Part 2 of 3 – Barclays is Bust – Bail Ins/outs etc.. Nearly all the Banks are bust & were never fixed!

Hi, Welcome to part 2. I am going to focus on some charts for Barclays Bank, other British Banks & Deutsche Bank. Lets start with Barclays, I have marked the Sub Prime Crash in most Macro charts, the post dotcom 2002-3 recession and any technical macro observations on the monthly chart.   This Macro Barclays Chart shows an Inverted HVF through zero. The Key Level of Significance [KLoS] to go was the 200p mark triggering the pattern since this move some few days later BARC traded 165p today.   Inverted Hunt Volatility Funnel Pattern View  - Weekly Chart   Trigger Timeframe with a small wind up pattern, to the downside to lose the key level

Mega Crash [3 Part Series] – Part 1- The Indices after final ‘fakers’ rally 50%+ collapse

Hi, This is a 3 part series Blog Post - Part 1 here is on the major indices especially US Indices. I have never felt so bearish before... most charts I look at echo a fall.. for me. But what about the Key market and their Big Index bench marks? I am talking about the US.. and the S&P500, Dow, Russell 2000 [small caps] & of course the NASDAQ. Too many Heads & Shoulders to be ignored the game is continuation... but boy are there some reversal charts about on indices & 'The Fear Index' USDJPY. Then there is the early warning High Yield debt sector..   https://vimeo.com/153292400     Slide pack here: Tips

The start to 2016 as forecast

  Hi, In the clip below recorded Mid-December, where I recorded my views for what awaits us for 2016. For those that missed this it is available again below, and is just 6:53 long.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7kNHelEC48       Jenny:                     A new year, a new start, and new trends for the financial markets. With me to discuss what to what is Francis Hunt, The Market Sniper. Francis, the major talking points for the year ahead, probably start with low oil prices and of course interest rate rises we have recently seen. The FED raised rates by 0.25% but we're still wondering whether the Bank of England and the European Central Bank will follow suit.

Beware the Bottom [Top] callers designed for the ‘Retail Trader’

Hi, As Hunt Volatility Funnel Traders, one of our many mantra's is: Keep on keeping on.. In short we align ourselves with the macro trend, and trade only in this direction until the primary move has clearly reversed. Here are some snippets on Oil & The EURUSD from recent media and broker outlets. Saxo's prediction for oil, a return to $100/B       Bloombergs latest Discussion on Oil Suggesting a bottom?     So Saxo & Bloomberg both on the Oil Bottom, suggestive narrative. It's a nine o'clock call, repeat for a 12 hour period often enough and at 1 point eventually you will be right. Long run we too believe any excessive overreaction