Short & Sweet Micro post – 5 Bullets why Deutsche Bank will not exist in current form for long.

    Below: 1.  Deutsche Bank's failure to recover beyond a dead cat bounce post 2008, belies ' a never was fixed' narrative 2. Macro Weekly Inv HVF technical set up that has already triggered, with Target through Nought see below charts 3. H4 Inv HVF winding up at the level of the first Interim Level 1, with a Target to Interim level 2 4. Fundamentally: Continual losses unchecked, below even most pessimistic expectations 5. Unheralded Derivatives positions totally 75 Trillion..5x entire EU GDP and 20x, excessissive leverage to capital base. Bonus Reason:  Was the Dumb money in last subprime crisis with US Investment banks unloading their toxic CDO positions to DB near the end.

Why I don’t believe The east [China/Russia] or anywhere are planning a Gold Standard

"The purpose of such massive stockpiling can only be with the intent of resurrecting “the gold standard.” " Hmmm... Lets evaluate that statement. - When the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England accumulated bullion in the 19th century, did they do it to strengthen the specie convertability of the Pound Sterling? Or did they do it so they could issue more paper, claiming the Gold was there such that it could be used to manipulate markets, while actually disbursing the Gold to themselves, and their Cronies? - When those same bankers transferred their Gold to the US during WWI and in the 1920s...was it to REALLY to strengthen the US Gold Standard? Or did they do it to

Mega Crash Part 2 of 3 – Barclays is Bust – Bail Ins/outs etc.. Nearly all the Banks are bust & were never fixed!

Hi, Welcome to part 2. I am going to focus on some charts for Barclays Bank, other British Banks & Deutsche Bank. Lets start with Barclays, I have marked the Sub Prime Crash in most Macro charts, the post dotcom 2002-3 recession and any technical macro observations on the monthly chart.   This Macro Barclays Chart shows an Inverted HVF through zero. The Key Level of Significance [KLoS] to go was the 200p mark triggering the pattern since this move some few days later BARC traded 165p today.   Inverted Hunt Volatility Funnel Pattern View  - Weekly Chart   Trigger Timeframe with a small wind up pattern, to the downside to lose the key level