Crypto’s with Jason King, Podcast & Youtube discussion.

Hi, Our Podcast and Youtube with Jason King on Crypto beginings. The Podcast for the Audio take <== Click Here YouTube clip, Jason King, Crypto Kid making good. Jason King, Crypto Kid making good <== Click Here Enjoy, the episode. Warm Wishes The Crypto Sniper ===> Check out our Our Online Self  Study Program. 18 Steps to a Lifestyle Trader, with the Hunt Volatility Funnel Method This professionally presented online program, through the New Kajabi Online platform, entails: 18 topics taken an hour at a time, spliced into 4 x 15 min consumable segments videos, for a full series starting at Alpha right through to Omega. With additional Bonus and case Study material, plus an enticing

When Methodology, Mindset and Market meets.. in the New Crypto era – Jargon — ‘HODL’?

Hi, So how's the Crypto Trading world been going? Not at all.. well I am afraid its where the action is at right now.. I know as aI just received emails like these below!   Thankfully we don't require mails like these, we are in the thick of it already. In fact we are in the 'Lucky' Intersection of  the 3 M's... The Holy Troika of.. Mindset, Methodolgy & Market. Mentality & HVF Method + CRypto's = Melt Up for wealth. I am not talking purely personally either, my 'Fellow Tribe members' are very much up. Some mentioning growth percentages deep into 3 digits in narrow timeframes. Surely this is not normal and it all

Bitcoin been the relative hold as Ethereum Tops out, How you may have spotted this and where next..

Hi, Bitcoin been the relative hold as Ethereum Tops out, How you may have spotted this. Followed by why we are now back in Ethereum.. Watch the analysis here. There is a once off offer to join a limited Crypto group below.   We saw BTCUSD set up for a $2586 run through.   Target Made.. below     Also the first Inverted HVF for Ethereum against Bitcoin ETHBTC, signaled ETH's run was over and time to be in BTC.     Wish you could be part of the Crypto money making mayhem? Whilst we are active across all top 20 Crypto's we just switched back to Ethereum.. Click the chart below to

Losing Fiat ‘in the Ether’..Break out delights from the Crypt[o’s]

               Why you should be Investing & Trading Crypto's & How you could have a secret edge over all the other early adopters! Hi Everyone, Great to be in touch with you all again. I have a feeling we are at a cusp of a still fairly new 'early doors' opportunity in the Crypto-Currencies space. In Fact in terms of Bitcoin at $1330+, the Horse can be argued to have bolted. Amazingly However, I can see a situation where the best is still to come in Crypto's and isn't always about the first one. Remember Altavista, Excite, Ask Jeeves, Lets Go or Yahoo search, still around just.. Google came later and learnt from the early