Warning against Shorting the FTSE100 on Bloomberg

Dont short the FTSE100, just for the first RSI 70 crossover!   A First overBought RSI, is never sufficient justification for shorts. Below is 6 successive cross overs on a monthly chart from 2005 at 5375, till the peak at the end of 2007 at 6800's some 2.5 years and 1400 plus points later. http://www.slideshare.net/FrancisHuntTheMarket?utm_campaign=profiletracking&utm_medium=sssite&utm_source=ssslideview   MultiTimeframe analysis, cross asset analysis, price patterns. Don't confuse the markets with the state of the economy or the collectives mood. https://youtu.be/0E6iX_rAPUA Warm Wishes Francis

Price Behaviour – Your Insider Detective on the markets – A GulfSands Petroleum revisit GPX:LON

Hi, In April 2013, I viewed a Spreadbet Magazine article, that was bullish GulfSands Petroleum [GPX:LON]. Instantly on seeing the chart I recognised a High Quality Inverted Hunt Volatility Funnel [Inv HVF] in formation. In short I was very 'Bearish' from first glance. I did a draw and concluded a weak rally would likely commence, possibly just running the 100p level. HVF Law 101 -'Key Levels of Significance' are usually just run due to 'Order Clustering' at key round numbers. From there, my suggested short point at 102p, I expected a collapse below 29p, in short less than 30% of the market Capitalisation to remain. This was a Psychologically difficult call, during April 2013, I

Trading the News, without actually careing for the actual News – The Value of a Volatility Squeeze

Hi,   Even outside a Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] set up.   There is an inherent value, to 'not' ignoring a 'squeeze'.   Here was the FTSE100 heading into a key day with Draghi of the ECB due to speak. Smart technical traders should not be looking to buy into the FTSE100 on a sustained Rising wedge of some duration, as it approaches a previous high. In fact at this point the trade was to the 'sell side'. The Squeeze and sustained buying along the lower grind line and the tactical distribution into the buoyant buyers along the bottom, see's the smart 'Probability of Outcome' [POUT] traders', start stacking up near the resistance of the