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EURRUB the Short that Gives Both at both ends.

Hi, I like the idea of a $EURRUB short, I expect both the Euro to devalue and for the Ruble to be one of the strongest Currencies for short/Medium term, technically. Plus you get a massive carry interest rate differential, longer you hold the bigger the interest. I have covered my 'Bearish' technical view on the EURUSD quite extensively. Here are some quick hit charts and a clip on that, Both Weekly An Daily. Here is todays EURUSD Saxo Chart However, Here is the USDRUB. large Weekly TF shows a Head & Shoulders. Likely Key Level of Significance [KLoS], = 65 plus we also have an Inv HVF set up on this level. [2nd chart]

Pound Flash Crash predicted by HVF Theory – GBPUSD & GBPJPY

Hi,   We were expecting continuation for a downside break on GBP across a number of pairs, especially GBPUSD & GBPJPY. We had an Inverted HVF [Hunt Volatility Funnel] in an advanced stage. Here were our scenariocasts on these pairs including some from private clients on basecamp: A GBPJPY Scenariocast from September   A GBPUSD progression from an earlier scenario, pre-flashcrash.     The Flash Crash through Target GBPUSD   A graduates draw from premium Basecamp on the GBPUSD:     Subsequent Progress ==>     Melt Down Through Target!     Fundmanetally these were the 'reasons'. [But how were we positioned before, if these were true?] https://www.poundsterlinglive.com/gbp-live-today/5558-gbp-to-eur-and-usd-manufacturing-production   How Ironic, at thinnest trade time

H2 China Re-emergence, to postpone 2016 FED Hikes? Copper, AUD & USDCNH say maybe

https://vimeo.com/180902030 The slides here, including the Copper, AUDUSD, AUDNZD, USDCNH [Offshore Renmimbi] Charts http://www.slideshare.net/FrancisHuntTheMarket/china-to-be-the-reason-no-fed-rate-hike-this-year Here is also a AUDNZD progress update on this Inverted HVF which is related, for those looking into this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaWPmy2XzBM   Warm Wishes Francis

Why I don’t believe The east [China/Russia] or anywhere are planning a Gold Standard

"The purpose of such massive stockpiling can only be with the intent of resurrecting “the gold standard.” " Hmmm... Lets evaluate that statement. - When the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England accumulated bullion in the 19th century, did they do it to strengthen the specie convertability of the Pound Sterling? Or did they do it so they could issue more paper, claiming the Gold was there such that it could be used to manipulate markets, while actually disbursing the Gold to themselves, and their Cronies? - When those same bankers transferred their Gold to the US during WWI and in the 1920s...was it to REALLY to strengthen the US Gold Standard? Or did they do it to

Silver & Gold are you stacking for Reset Day?

Hi Guys, I have the impression that 2016 will be the begining of the next epic downturn. This time a full reset may occur. Here are my charts on where we are at. On the Monthly scale we are in a Bull run that has had 11years up and 5 years down. Note the later years have been like a falling wedge which has broken to the upside, as is typical. A revist dip remains a possibility, but I believe the hard selling off for this metal is over.   Also note how when the XAU/XAG ratio gets above 80 its a warning of big problems. This means Gold climbing in value relative to silver

The Anatomy of a Crash with IntraMarket Analysis, USDJPY, SP500 & FTSE100 and HVF Theory [Grindlines & Inv HVF set ups]

The Anatomy of a Crash with IntraMarket Analysis, USDJPY, SP500 & FTSE100.   HVF Theory was every where to the observant practioner. Grind Lines & Inverted HVF set ups particularly.   Below we have the FTSE, I had drawn a small relatively elongated Inverted HVF, the better form pattern was to come later. [*PS - for those who prefer to watch, rather than read scroll to the bottom and click play on the - HD Vimeo recorded with Rode External Audio]   FTSE100 H4     Whilst in the the US the S&P500 Grindline  was ominous, and supported the notion a smash down will be occurring. Note how the Blueshaded area, confirmed the wedge grind