EURRUB the Short that Gives Both at both ends.

Hi, I like the idea of a $EURRUB short, I expect both the Euro to devalue and for the Ruble to be one of the strongest Currencies for short/Medium term, technically. Plus you get a massive carry interest rate differential, longer you hold the bigger the interest. I have covered my 'Bearish' technical view on the EURUSD quite extensively. Here are some quick hit charts and a clip on that, Both Weekly An Daily. Here is todays EURUSD Saxo Chart However, Here is the USDRUB. large Weekly TF shows a Head & Shoulders. Likely Key Level of Significance [KLoS], = 65 plus we also have an Inv HVF set up on this level. [2nd chart]

Short & Sweet Micro post – 5 Bullets why Deutsche Bank will not exist in current form for long.

    Below: 1.  Deutsche Bank's failure to recover beyond a dead cat bounce post 2008, belies ' a never was fixed' narrative 2. Macro Weekly Inv HVF technical set up that has already triggered, with Target through Nought see below charts 3. H4 Inv HVF winding up at the level of the first Interim Level 1, with a Target to Interim level 2 4. Fundamentally: Continual losses unchecked, below even most pessimistic expectations 5. Unheralded Derivatives positions totally 75 Trillion..5x entire EU GDP and 20x, excessissive leverage to capital base. Bonus Reason:  Was the Dumb money in last subprime crisis with US Investment banks unloading their toxic CDO positions to DB near the end.

FED’s Selfmade Crossfire

FED's Selfmade Crossfire, Flattening curve dont feel so good.

Price Behaviour – Your Insider Detective on the markets – A GulfSands Petroleum revisit GPX:LON

Hi, In April 2013, I viewed a Spreadbet Magazine article, that was bullish GulfSands Petroleum [GPX:LON]. Instantly on seeing the chart I recognised a High Quality Inverted Hunt Volatility Funnel [Inv HVF] in formation. In short I was very 'Bearish' from first glance. I did a draw and concluded a weak rally would likely commence, possibly just running the 100p level. HVF Law 101 -'Key Levels of Significance' are usually just run due to 'Order Clustering' at key round numbers. From there, my suggested short point at 102p, I expected a collapse below 29p, in short less than 30% of the market Capitalisation to remain. This was a Psychologically difficult call, during April 2013, I

Connor McGregor, Sport & Trading as a microcosm of Life

Hi,   *** News Flash Update  *** ============================================================================================== Addendum, to this post, Connor McGregor, due to his high 'Hype' power and Big Business Draw, has 'bought' out of reputational currency,  a rematch, with Nate Diaz.   To me this is the equivalent, of someone with a big and growing trading account, after a first sudden unexpected and sizeable loss, returning to the same market to 'get his rightful & entitled money back', from the market who took it from him. The 'Revenge Trade' in the same market is on. Revenge trading is usually fatal and quickly so, not universally immediately so, but in most instances pretty fast. Trading is a microcosm of life, emotionality in

Hey Retail Trader, Be careful whose trades you follow! We look at FuturesTechs &

*** Note this post was subsequently addended below 28th April 2016 , by Clive Lamberts,email response which I have shared, along with my reply. It is my belief he is a decent man, with good intentions, as far as it is even my place to comment. However my criticisms of the particular trade in question remain. ***   Hi, If ever you elect to take 'another' man's trade, beware of the following, you are: abdicating your responsibility for managing your own money to someone else, it is an act usually bereft with laziness, blind faith and is fundamentally disempowering. setting yourself up for potential 'victimhood' for when things go wrong, which externalises your locus of

MegaCrash Part 3 – China, Commodities & Cargo

The great, 2008 recovery powering force, was meant to be that of China.   Turning its Rural Community into, urbanised economically active dwellers 500 million at a time. Even if this was possible, it would be a bumpy transition, with many an overshoot, and Mal-Investment.   So when did China truly start slowing? A large part of the China 'miracle' would be the insatiable appetite for commodities especially for building, homes, commercial office & infrastructure.   Part 1 - Copper bottom. One of the most critical construction industrial metals is Copper. DEFINITION of 'Doctor Copper' Market lingo for the base metal that is reputed to have a Ph.D. in economics because of its ability to

Mega Crash Part 2 of 3 – Barclays is Bust – Bail Ins/outs etc.. Nearly all the Banks are bust & were never fixed!

Hi, Welcome to part 2. I am going to focus on some charts for Barclays Bank, other British Banks & Deutsche Bank. Lets start with Barclays, I have marked the Sub Prime Crash in most Macro charts, the post dotcom 2002-3 recession and any technical macro observations on the monthly chart.   This Macro Barclays Chart shows an Inverted HVF through zero. The Key Level of Significance [KLoS] to go was the 200p mark triggering the pattern since this move some few days later BARC traded 165p today.   Inverted Hunt Volatility Funnel Pattern View  - Weekly Chart   Trigger Timeframe with a small wind up pattern, to the downside to lose the key level