Crypto Trading Runs, The Summer smiles now, for the Winter she comes – Part 1 – ‘The Winter’

Hi, Had a surge of new friends join us since the mid year. It's been quite a ride in the markets especially Crypto wise.   But first some FEAR...Courtesy of Sovereign Man. Here she goes.. don't be afraid.   A few weeks ago the Board of Trustees of Social Security sent a formal letter to the United States Senate and House of Representatives to issue a dire warning: Social Security is running out of money. Given that tens of millions of Americans depend on this public pension program as their sole source of retirement income, you’d think this would have been front page news... … and that every newspaper in the country would have reprinted

‘All traders are heroes in a Long Only Crypto Market. The bear separates the men from the boys’. An analysis of BTC/ETH/XRP vs USD/T, shows weakness in Cryptoland.

Hi Trader Friends,   Folks become emotional believers after they make more money than they are accustomed too, on a particular Crypto coin, no better example than Ethereum.   Till now it has largely not paid to be out of the coin.   The 'HODL' Rule has paid well and will do again, however recognising clear category cycles, will pay even better. This is not day trading just cycle picking.   'All traders are heroes in a Long Only Crypto Market. The bear separates the men from the boys'.   An analysis of BTC/ETH/XRP vs USD/T, shows weakness in Cryptoland.   Here is my video take on BTCUSD/T and below that my Take on ETHUSD/T:

When Methodology, Mindset and Market meets.. in the New Crypto era – Jargon — ‘HODL’?

Hi, So how's the Crypto Trading world been going? Not at all.. well I am afraid its where the action is at right now.. I know as aI just received emails like these below!   Thankfully we don't require mails like these, we are in the thick of it already. In fact we are in the 'Lucky' Intersection of  the 3 M's... The Holy Troika of.. Mindset, Methodolgy & Market. Mentality & HVF Method + CRypto's = Melt Up for wealth. I am not talking purely personally either, my 'Fellow Tribe members' are very much up. Some mentioning growth percentages deep into 3 digits in narrow timeframes. Surely this is not normal and it all

In November 2015 we said sell China Buy Russia, what is our trade theme for 2017?

In November 2015 we said sell China Buy Russia, what is our trade theme for 2017? The Ruble was one of the strongest currencies and oil staged a partial recovery, whilst China failed. Here is what we have for you this year, the East is in trouble in our view. But precious Metals will shine.. for a 30% move+ to the Yen, for Gold alone & 60%+  for Silver [XAUJPY, XAGJPY].

AMZN, BABA – Tech/Online Retailers to dissappoint

Hi, Christmas is here, could it be that the... ...US Tech Retailers BABA and AMZN are set to disappoint? Note from the chart Below: the OBV divergence the exhaustive melt up high The precipitative Gap sell off The Legacy Upside funnel run [L1 & RL2] The failure in the gap zone currently [RH1/2] 775 as a KLoS [Not Drawn] AMZN H8 BABA Daily Note Above: Meltup exhaustive gap at 90 KLoS on final melt up exhaustion run Small Red Head & Shoulders with 100 neckline made target at 90 Target 90 is possible RL1 Inv HVF at KLoS [90 and H&S TGT] Potential Larger H&S with 90 neckline, possible TGT 70 [Both H&S’s

EURRUB the Short that Gives Both at both ends.

Hi, I like the idea of a $EURRUB short, I expect both the Euro to devalue and for the Ruble to be one of the strongest Currencies for short/Medium term, technically. Plus you get a massive carry interest rate differential, longer you hold the bigger the interest. I have covered my 'Bearish' technical view on the EURUSD quite extensively. Here are some quick hit charts and a clip on that, Both Weekly An Daily. Here is todays EURUSD Saxo Chart However, Here is the USDRUB. large Weekly TF shows a Head & Shoulders. Likely Key Level of Significance [KLoS], = 65 plus we also have an Inv HVF set up on this level. [2nd chart]

Pound Flash Crash predicted by HVF Theory – GBPUSD & GBPJPY

Hi,   We were expecting continuation for a downside break on GBP across a number of pairs, especially GBPUSD & GBPJPY. We had an Inverted HVF [Hunt Volatility Funnel] in an advanced stage. Here were our scenariocasts on these pairs including some from private clients on basecamp: A GBPJPY Scenariocast from September   A GBPUSD progression from an earlier scenario, pre-flashcrash.     The Flash Crash through Target GBPUSD   A graduates draw from premium Basecamp on the GBPUSD:     Subsequent Progress ==>     Melt Down Through Target!     Fundmanetally these were the 'reasons'. [But how were we positioned before, if these were true?] https://www.poundsterlinglive.com/gbp-live-today/5558-gbp-to-eur-and-usd-manufacturing-production   How Ironic, at thinnest trade time