In the Chart Below note the following:

  1. OBV/Price Divergence at the peak.
  2. The final stages of a melt up exhaustive gaps buying splurge, followed byBear Break away & Continuation gaps
  3. The Aug – Sep 2015 Bull HVF, built up around the Key Level of Significance [KLoS] of $500, Funnel has been run in a clear ‘undoing’ of previous successful bullish patterns continuation series and a clear Bear signal
  4. Also note Price behaviour & Pegging levels for options at $450, 550, $600
  5. The previous alluded to HVF provided a $650 target as you expect it to be just run, this was close to a working neckline for what seemed and imperfect Head & Shoulders top which on the OBV was clearly already diverging to a collapse.

Here is the Annotated Chart.




In this clip I mentioned ‘Fangs cant Thrive in a Void’, As other equities spill, and the retail consumer is squeezed.



Here is Amazons latest news on the link below.

FANGS can’t thrive in a void.. of collapse ..AMZN << Click Here <<

The NASDAQ will fold with the other Indices.

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