HODL vs HVF Method? This is the Crypto Question – Dewald provides his take from Mossel Bay, RSA – Part 4

Time for a question,

How do we do it this Crypto thing,

When do we sell, when do we sing?

HODL [Hold on For Dear Life] come highs and lows [Think Ethereum and Ripple], or there is a better way? Hands, Knees and Toes?

Like a lightening Bolt, we have Dewald..

Tell us Please, and do not Tease,

When do we Waddle and when do we HODL?



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Transcription of the interview with Dewald below:

Francis: Hi, good day Dewald.  How are you?
Dewalt: Hi Francis, I’m well, and yourself?
Francis: Great to be speaking to you, great to be speaking to you. Where are you based at the moment? You’re in RSA, aren’t you?
Dewalt: Absolutely. I’m situated in a small town called Mossel Bay on the East Coast.
Francis: That’s right. It comes back to me now. They buy energy centrum. Are they still pulling the gas out of the ocean there?
Dewalt: Apparently, they’re still busy. I’m not really sure on the exact details but they’re definitely scaled down.
Francis: The energy markets have been absolutely terrible. I hear when we talk about markets, that actually for you, it’s been not quite so bad. In fact, pretty darn decent.
Tell me, before we get into that, a couple of things if you don’t mind. First of all, how was it before for you … Before you engaged with the market sniper group? How are you feeling before coming to the event? What were the challenges and difficulties you were finding?
Dewalt: In a nutshell basically, I used to be a HODL’er [Holding On for Dear Life]. So I rode the now famous ethelium wave and … All the way to the top and unfortunately, halfway down as well. So it was excruciating experience, but you know, at least 50 percent of it was very lucrative, but I had no idea of what was going on in the markets, and I basically just HODLed.
I came across the market sniper by Omar Bam, and enrolled myself in the programme, invested in my education, and it absolutely freed my mind, and helped me to have a better understanding of what is going on in the markets. Since then, it’s been very, very lucrative.
Francis: That’s absolutely awesome, and I love what you said. You know, many people, they get married to something that gives them some money. I’m finding that a lot. There’s an emotional attachment before they make a little bit of money on something, and then they cling to it.
As we’ve seen in Ripple, that ran up to 24’s and I now suspect may run twos and could even go lower than that versus Bitcoin. That’s a twelfth of its former glories. It can be very psychologically destroying to run up and then come back down. I think you were describing that a little bit with your theory experience.
And now, you feel a bit more enlightened and you have a process that you are applying in terms of what you’re doing. Is that fair to say?
Dewalt: Absolutely. It’s number one not just the group that I’m a part of now. It is also freeing myself up to think for myself. Apart from the usual trades that we’ve been doing, I’ve also spotted a few good gems along the way and like I said, it’s been absolutely lucrative.
Francis: Your contributions have been awesome and I have to credit you for also just
A. Putting your head down and getting your head around the theory.
You’ve been reasonably active too, very active which is awesome and that’s what we want in our tribe. Bringing actually good trades as well. In the same way, you’re saying thanks to HV of method, we want to thank you for your contribution. This is the whole idea of a community. Where people just all muck in. They properly understand what its all about and then they start being an extra eyes on the front.
So in terms of what its meant for you. If we just discuss what its meant for you going forward. So we understand where you were before. We understand what’s happened now. What’s it mean for you in your real world? Please no numbers required but just … What’s it meant? How do you feel in terms of psychology and that?
Dewalt: Sure absolutely. I’m a very happy man and as you can see from my background, I’m still at my day job and in the wise words of Frances, “Freedom beckons.” I will see that my freedom is not so far away if I make my own calculations from what is happening around me.
The number one thing was just the freedom to know what is going on number one because I used to be part of other, if you can call them, trading groups where I just basically bought everything where Etherium [ETH] was the main one. I had a, could I call it a gut feeling about Etherium [ETH]. Unfortunately not the same gut feeling as 420 dollars and so, like I stated, it went down at least 50 percent.
Francis: Yeah that’s incredible. So in terms of the group, you have a process and you have confidence and have the answer to the question, “What do I do next?” Is that fair to say?
Dewalt: Absolutely, absolutely. Targets are not everything, but it is the majority of what is been given to me thus far. As I said, earlier on, or last year, it has just basically been like you said, anybody can be a king in this bull run. It takes some skill to maneuver around it and obviously not to ride the 50 percent down.
Francis: Absolutely. The rising tide lifts all boats as they sometimes say. The emperor has no clothes when the tide goes out and you can see what happens.
If someone’s watching this, Dewald, and thank you for your time. I’m gonna call it a day just after this question.
If someone’s watching it and they’re looking at either taking one of our products and learning the HV of method, what would you say? If you’re looking that man in the eye. Is it an investment that will deliver a return? Is it something that if he puts his commitment in … You feel that make a significant difference to them or not?
What’s your take?
Dewalt: Absolutely. I’ve got no formal education in the trading background, but from what I understand, even if you are a pro trader, this is a very subtle difference to the normal trading. Again as stated before, it’s been very, very lucrative. I can definitely from my own experience say there’s a touch of, how can I say this? A difference that is not necessarily always the traditional manner.
It has been playing out by itself back to back by every trade being very, very good. It definitely is, most definitely better than just HODLing.
Francis: Fabulous. So there you have it. A real strategy that’ll give you more confidence on what to do next and significantly better then HODLing particularly in the poor backs.
Dewald, thanks very much for coming online and giving us your take and supporting others that might be contemplating the idea.
Really appreciate it. Keep on being an awesome member of our group.
We’ll be in touch soon.
Dewalt: Awesome. Thanks. Cheers. Have a good day.
Francis: Bye.

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