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Hunt Volatility Funnel Draw Tool

Draw the HVF Set up designed for your MT4 and MT5 platforms for potential set up on the market

  1. One about to break
  2. Even for set ups that has concluded, for the details it provides in your chart analysis for the future
  3. Have your Key Levels of Significance drawn and projected into the future
  4. See your Reward to Risk Ratio [RRR] for each draw and for modeling various ‘scenariocasts’
  5. Receive actual potential pip gain to loss, calculated for you with Time Stops and date & Time for closure if still open. [RRR/T]
  6. Visually clear for order entry and closure, with colour coded price levels

The HVF Draw for MT4, now has Time Stops included, and provides the Reward to Risk Ratio’s as well the final dates for closure and Interim Time Progression parameters RRR/T

This tool is included with your purchase of the Trading Metamorphosis Program