I recently appeared on World Finance with Jenny Hammond.


This is just a small snippet from our 2016 Trends interview.


The question posed is simply – ‘When should we trade. With risk to Reward in mind?’


World Finance Interview


In short:

  1. Trade The squeeze,
    For the Tight Stop,
    For the big Reward, on Volatility Resumption with a bang,
    Pay attention when all else are bored [during extreme low volatility periods] ,
    Be Early [especially on Low Volatility to High Volatility Breakouts],
  2. Have a geometrically determined target, placed with the stop & Entry [Greed keeps you in, only pain takes you out]
  3. Enjoy the Game – with a volatility & trend based High RRR Breakout trading system set & forget strategy


The Clip from YouTube


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Successful Trading for 2016 to you.