Losing Fiat ‘in the Ether’..Break out delights from the Crypt[o’s]


Why you should be Investing & Trading Crypto’s & How you could have a secret edge over all the other early adopters!

Hi Everyone,

Great to be in touch with you all again.

I have a feeling we are at a cusp of a still fairly new ‘early doors’ opportunity in the Crypto-Currencies space.

In Fact in terms of Bitcoin at $1330+, the Horse can be argued to have bolted.

Amazingly However, I can see a situation where the best is still to come in Crypto’s and isn’t always about the first one.

Remember Altavista, Excite, Ask Jeeves, Lets Go or Yahoo search, still around just.. Google came later and learnt from the early starters mistakes..

But.. I am jumping the gun..

I assess that our various integrated the control structures, will allow or even actively permit a ramp to the value & use of Crypto currencies, as Banker Fiat begins its long eventual failure.

We can never have normal rates again, because of total debt levels, its simple maths. I laugh every time we are meant to have the FED normalisation of rates, How? It would require the entire US tax take on just interest payments, every other line item would then be new debt, Military, welfare, medicaid, infrastructure, public sector salaries.

Also I chuckle about how anonymous Crypto’s are, really why if I do anything above £50-£100 does it require face picture, passport and proof address?

If Wikileaks taught us anything about the dark state, GCHQ, MI5/Mi6/CIA/FBI etc.. it is largely that they hack everything in short very little is private for any timeframe, if sought most is compromised, from your snooping Samsung TV, and most else, apparently not necessarily the blockchain yet, but they don’t need to hack WhatsApp encryption, if they are already in your device, and capturing voice before encrypting for the journey of a send?

No you don’t want crypto’s because you believe they are a true, dark, libertarian mans, secret money.

You want it for another reason..

You see..To create the hype and stampede the bulky part of the ‘bell curve’s’, aka the main herd, the early adopters will need to be rewarded immensely, as original Bitcoin purchasers some 10 years ago have found out, now up nearly  1300 times. They will talk, and the Crypto meme’ will go truly viral, as in material amounts being placed in a rather limited supply realm.

However, I assess that generally, the first is never the best, and that Ethereum [ETH], has been designed in a better manner and circumvents natural limitations of Bitcoin, and has scope for far faster processing speed, it is only $50 at present and is early cycle. depending on your risk profile others are earlier still Golem [GMT]

Many other Crypto’s can operate off of the Ethereum base such as Augur and other prediction based crypto’s.

Here is a direct link to an exchange Coinbase where both bitcoin and Ethereum, and others maybe purchased.

For my risk aggressive profile, I have 10-15% of liquid in crypto’s and 35% in Physical bullion [made up of 20% through BullionVault [vaulted Singapore, not London/Vancouver/Zurich nor New York], and 15% on you or placed off grid , 0% in Government Bonds, or any debt instrument!

Cash would be very high, at 25% and 25% in Tech & handpicked Index trackers [but certainly no lump sums dropped now for me! If not already in].. with only monthly purchase in’s into this investment and others for cost averaging on future dips. [non-leveraged].

The High Cash Level  is to see me through Liquidity squeeze moments, so you don’t sell your trackers as a forced seller on a forthcoming valuation blood bath, like all the emotionally responding lemmings, we need to be different resolute and flush.

I am utilising Coinbase and Poloniex for crypto’s and BullionVault for vaulted, allocated Gold & Silver, details at the base of this post..


Diversify your income streams into multiple lines.

I would only bulk up equity Indices trackers on another 2008/9 smash down, for lump sum purchases.

But Crypto’s is expanding and could be a run away bull for awhile.. plus we may have an edge for you.

This maybe a good time to let you assess the top 100 crypto’s by market cap, for me the top 10 is all that is interesting, remember there is real frontier spirit here, like penny stocks in exploration!

The most established may well have the highest sanity levels within them.

Crypto Currencies by Market Capitalisation <== Click here


Does Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] Method work on Crypto’s?

For me it appears to certainly do so..

You see the Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] Method, loves expanding markets in a clear trend, continuation is an even higher probability event than listing range bound markets.

Here are some of my recent trades, and calls from our Basecamp premium members area, Ethereum had a split in principle leading to the old mandate know as Ethereum Classic [ETC] and the bulk moved with the ‘hard fork’ decision, to be Ethereum [ETH].

Ethereum ETH

We liked the structure below for some Upside on a HVF set up, This was Ether vs the EURO, but equally well set up in Dollars, as a British funder, GBP was not an option, so I elected to throw Euro Fiat at the market and collect some Ether ..Long the ETHEUR in the evening. The Chart below

ETH/EUR 4 Hourly Chart

By the next morning:



‘Lift Off’


ETH/EUR 4 Hourly


By the next day we were looking at the more broader set up, as we had hoped to do and its potential Target of €57

ETH/EUR Hourly Primer

Our timing was decent as we had spotted a Priming squeeze within a squeeze too. Illustrated in this hourly chart below. €46 was the kick off point.



ETH/EUR 4 Hourly

The larger set up had the €57 Target as previously mentioned. Here was the triggering event, with Volume.



ETH/EUR  Hourly

High volume reassertion.

ETH/EUR 4 Hourly

Target is finished.


But maybe we were lucky here with ETH/EUR [worked to $61’s on ETH/USD too]

This occurred before the ETC/EUR  move.

So lets look at a different crypto’s coin, ETC/EUR prior to this move.



Look at all the setup’s performing?


Later ETC/EUR… on the 4 Hourly

Really strong upward move.


But hey its also part of the Ethereum family and I traded EUR’s each time.. what about something different, like one Crypto vs’s another?

Here is XEM/BTC that is NEM in Bitcoin’s [NEM is No 7 on the Crypto list]

We suggested after a target is made, progress decay and pullback may take place.

No Market always goes straight Up. Knowing when to take off and get back in lower helps.

Plus re-establishes balance.


I have many more examples, all of which we are discussing in our basecamp.

Here one of my then students and basecamp members Oyvind, posted on Bitcoin BTCUSD last year in February 2016




This is how it turned out then. Today Bitcoin is $1331, worth more than an ounce of Gold.



There is more even in relative valuations between Bitcoin in Dollars and Gold in Dollars there are set ups and trades, see the chart below showing BTC vs XAU both priced in Dollars.

BTCUSD/XAUUSD 60 min Chart

Look at the confirmatory volume, on bith the breaks and attainment of Target, these are other peoples charts above!

In short there is no scarcity, when you know what you looking for and have a whole community specialising in the same thing!

Is it time you exploited this swelling ‘currency’ class, with the trending continuation set up?

become part of a great specialist focused community, and learn why we do that which we do.

Time to contact us on Support@TheMarketSniper.com

Remember, I am not a regulated IFA, These are my views for my own investment allocation, these are not normal times, do your own research.

Here is a link to CoinBase for opening an account where Bitcoin and Ethereum maybe purchased.


Mail us on Support@TheMarketSniper.com, get on the program, Join the Tribe!


I am utilising Coinbase and Poloniex, and may open another account on a different exchange.

Coinbase account opening <== Click Here


Here is BullionVault, Silver vaulted in Singapore purchased in GBP is my main strand at present.

Allocated Vaulted Bullion with BullionVault <== Click Here


I am available for 18 min chat on your trading, Investment and Wealth Building.

Appointment scheduling

Book to Chat with Francis <== Click here


We also have trading day coming you can book here:

Trading Day June the 2nd <== Click here


Claim your Trading Shift, Ignite Your Investment, Whip up the Wealth Building

Warm Wishes



PS. Ethereum touched $70’s as we completed this blog, HVF Method ‘News before the news?’

See Internet Article today dated 0600 April 28th, 2017. We were aggressively Long the 25th April.. in crypto’s 3 days is a long time from mid forties to touching $70’s!

ZeroHedge article on Ether <==


Dont waste another day, for each day of delay, are potential profits foregone!

Bye for now!


Mail us on Support@TheMarketSniper.com, get on the program, Join the Tribe!

ZeroHedge below.



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