This is a 3 part series Blog Post – Part 1 here is on the major indices especially US Indices.

I have never felt so bearish before… most charts I look at echo a fall.. for me.

But what about the Key market and their Big Index bench marks?

I am talking about the US.. and the S&P500, Dow, Russell 2000 [small caps] & of course the NASDAQ.

Too many Heads & Shoulders to be ignored the game is continuation… but boy are there some reversal charts about on indices & ‘The Fear Index’ USDJPY. Then there is the early warning High Yield debt sector..




Slide pack here:

Tips TV 47 – 26.1.16 – 7 years feast, 7 years famine, The seven year cycle and Apocalypse nowish edited down vs


Some of the Key charts:


SP500 H&S flat grinding left shoulder volatile narrow peaky right Shoulder.



Our rising wedge revisit crash call earlier making the Dip on the heads Right side.


2015-08-21_SPX 500_D1


Russell 2000 small companies a leading indicator, already broken and on revisit


SP 500 161.8 Fibo




Do H&S’s work on the US indices… meet your 50% collapse in 2007.


2016-01-26_19-52-14 ann


Dow our current top?



Dow 161.8% Fibo to current H&S above

2016-01-26_19-28-49 Macro Dow annotated


The USDJPY is the Fear Index for markets, due to its history for the ‘Carry Trade’, exploiting interest rate differential between the Yen and other currencies in previous decades.

Major Yen reversal KLoS just run.


100% Fibo extension



USDJPY H&S’s with final HVf Target clusters at 124’s.



How about some High Yield Debt. See that divergence between the red line.. value of High Yield Debt to the S&P500 blue line.  It was your early warning in 2007 too.. then the market reacted.. Boy does it catch up when its time like the Road runner off a cliff.





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Wishing you a prosperous Trading 2016

Francis Hunt