My suggested, “Trading, Hard Technical Topics & Entertaining Narrative Reads + Mentality, Financial & Geopolitical Macro Game” Book list




This is not meant to be a conclusive list. But solid areas of value add in technical analysis are found here, with no fluff, all aspects contribute where most indicators don’t.


Also some key mentality ponderings for ‘inner game’. Then get some understanding of the Macro game of players and the levers to understand Intramarket flows and Knock on effects.


Hope you enjoy, no incentives taken for the list and I am quite blunt and direct on what I believes is valuable and whats not. I am not an ‘everything is awesome’ kinda of Guy, to rate as ‘good’ normally requires others ‘Exceptional/must read!’ billing or is just in my sweet spot, in terms of what I believe we all need to know. In short to be on the list it taught me something new, towards becoming a more worldly wise, intramarket aware, technical super trader who wears no fluff, or straggly deadweight concepts. All the technical reads contribute to HVF Theory doctrine too.


I tried to create a list on Amazon it drove me bonkers.. so hit your own searches till i get some spare hands 😉 Enjoy.



Book List


Mental Psychological


  1. Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas – Not read, will endeavour to do so, no comment to offer. Key point is you can analyse and study all you want to fundamentally, to improve as a trader you need to develop the right emotional response to risk.


  1. The Chimp Paradox Dr Steve Peters, how much management do you have over the Monkey mind, give in to little urges..? You have work to do & no you cant kill him, he is part of you, learn to manage him, Process over impulse.


  1. Letters from a Stoic – Seneca Ancient Roman wisdom- Become Immune to set backs and master your emotions, seek wisdom, be as a Sage, watch your trading effectiveness & wealth blossom with stoic indifference. Self awareness, Personal Mastery, Emotional control is the mark of greatness


Hard Technical


  1. The Traders Book of Volume Mark Leibovit – Good and addresses volume for ascending & Symmetrical Triangles too


  1. Investing with Volume Analysis Buff Pelz Dormeuer – Both are proper technical trading with volume books, a key indicator a rare ‘value add’ indicator in my view.


  1. Nison – Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques


  1. Category – Technically specific on Candlesticks, Very good for tactical last 2,3, 5 or 7 Candle direction analysis. Central to establishment of Kettle Drum Sticks, our emphasis on 3 rising 7 Falling Methods within HVF Theory. A few out there get Part 1 at minimum, Hard Copy makes them pricey, but good.


  1. Constance Brown – Fibonacci Analysis


  1. Category – Technically specific on Fibonacci Analysis, Interesting Fibonacci in everything section from Frogs legs to Rome coliseum. But a very heavy read, Taken a bit far, but key salient aspects were distilled, I don’t agree with all she does. But the 50% is gap point and highest momentum point. And drawing the Fibonacci level from the points of capitulation rather than from the absolute highs made clear sense and were validated for me.


  1. Elliott Wave Principle – Key to Market Behavior: Key to Market Behavior – Only part read, but an industry standard for Elliotwave, found it hard going, but informative of the principles.


  1. Options Hard technical topic with Greeks, However Options and Volatility based trading go hand in hand so consider these. Particularly as a HVF Trader whose eyes will be drawn to the Squeeze.


  1. Options Made Easy – Guy Cohen
  2. The Bible of Options Strategies
  3. Trading Options as a professional – James Bittman


  1. The Definitive Guide to Point & Figure – Jeremy du Plessis – Point & Figure is purely price action, Time frame is removed in a 1-D chart, price action is king, also it has dynamics and methodology for price targeting, we love geometry and Targets many confluence on & with HVF Targets and Key Levels of Significance. My fellow countrymen is a quiet thoughtful technition, who has done an empirical work here, good book, great charts a must.


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  1. Bollinger on Bollinger Bands – John Bollinger – for me the sole contribution is the ‘Squeeze’or ‘Pinch’, but that is a big contribution, yet so many and the man himself emphasise selling the out of range moments at the extreme’s and miss the biggest gift of them all that he unearthed, just trade the squeeze, RRR all sorted then, options mean you can cover all directions.. powerful stuff.






  1. Market Wizards 1, 2 & 3 – Interviews with big name traders:


  1. Anecdotal of value through narrative and interview, but summary at back of the chapters distilled some gems as earthly wisdoms.


  1. The Big Short – for more systemic understanding of Investment Bankings role in Sub=Prime, Michael Lewis is a great writer and entertaining, some messages in it, like standing to your trade, conviction etc.


  1. When Genius’s failed: The Rise and fall of Long term Capital Management – One massive practical lesson in why ‘Money Management’ is the central challenge to all trading – Or The Smartest Guys in the Room for same even story.


  1. Boy Plunger: The man who sold America short – Tom Rubython


  1. A more complete take on Jessie Livermore’s life than the mega seller and ‘monopoly’ of the narrative on Livermore, till a recent exclusive licence expired ‘Reminiscences of a stock operator’ – expect a film soon now licence up?


  1. Category – real life story – of Narrative value – Non-Technical



Film – Recommend watching ‘The Big Short’, close to the book and worthy as opposed to pure entertainment Hedonism and little trading message of ‘Wolf on wall street’.


List is work in progress and additional reads will appear.

Financial Geopolitical


  1. Currency wars James Rickards –

Only title ‘unread’ entirely by me, but a lot of mention in the libertarian press, on small interactions  with Author has some interesting points to make.

His continual leveraging off working for the CIA on Financial war games etc.. creates more suspicion of view about him [Controlled hangout or wanna be?], regular ‘you must hear this now on newsletter special alerts’ Like Daily Reckoning etc.. But occasional some useful facts come out and this area is an interesting topic. Attempts to Portray Russia as a major aggressor in ‘’War Games, Hacking, Country overthrow.. aggression ‘X’ against the backdrop of the US, smacks of nationalism & pot calling kettle black. But shrewd guy, but keep at arms length is my approach, full motivations/Agenda unknown to me. But I believe in the right camp on precious Metals, system failure.


  1. The Colder War – Mark Katusa – loved this book, If I read to the last page you know it was enthralling, a little bit ProWestern too, but lays hard facts out and ties the energies narratives up across the whole segment and how they are financial weapons and each side is playing their hand out, tied in timing wise with our revert short on Brent in 2014 at $103 and was an interesting time in many ways. Left understanding this market and the Geopolitics to a much higher degree. Also an Educational On Oil make ups, Nuclear ‘tails’ etc.. worth it.


Attached as word document below.. share as you see fit.

 Book List



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