My take on the Panama Files Leaks – The Hegelian Dialectic

I am going to provide my view at a different level to the Mainstream media.

My take is that this is classic problem-reaction-solution

The Hegelian Dialectic

…at work.

The extreme elite, literally have bent the genie curve or wealth distribution to an utter extreme and know there is resentment for this in the masses.

A US CEO to shop floor multiple has never been this high ever. Here is a 422:1 example below

CEO pay2016-04-05_22-39-28

So this highly across the board reported ‘Panama leak’ has been stage managed for timing and all the details, including those implicated.

You will note Rockefeller, Rothschild, Loeb, Warburg, Schiffs families etc.. Are not indicted by this leak, it is all people 3 levels below the apex eye, that have been. The current president of Ukraine a sweet salesman, An Arab family, a current serving Tory PM.

Yes all millionaires & even the odd Billionaire, but 3 levels below the apex of the control structure. Ok so Middle management are copping some heat, that is all and how I would describe it.

This is headline material to feed the ‘indignation’ machine of the masses. Note ‘all media’ are running with it, so proliferation and blanket exposure is rampant by intent, unlike usual wikileaks where specific papers ran with items others ignored. This is by intent and design, you will see why soon

Lets be clear this Panama and other offshore haven issue is an old problem, it has always existed, especially for midtier first generation wealth, and old Tory family money of some scale, since the beginning of time.

PROBLEM –  Offshore tax havens for the rich – [ Is a very longstanding one, question yourself why now, do you really believe such a huge file theft and leak is that easy without detection after Luxembourg & the Swiss were tagged with same, years before. Even if legitimately taken and in that scale, why are just the middle management layers involved, where is the obscene multigenerational control structure families?)


The required reaction from you is RAGE, INDIGNATION & INJUSTICE, preferably in all directions, the havens, the accountants, other advisors, those minimising/eliminating taxes. In short they want you to bay for a full system overhaul.

In short throngs demanding a punitive & immediate response!

SOLUTION – guess what?

They have a ‘ready to bake’  SOLUTION, a little package of nasties ready to go and you are the one to feel ‘butt hurt’ by it.

Like the ‘war on terrors’, Patriot act will prove more detrimental to you, then anyone in the pyramids control structure, including the current maligned middle management powers such as national minor nation Prime Ministers & Presidents.

The ‘solution’ will have more to do with you and your financial realm.

In the same way the Patriot act, have them inside your every email, telephone call,Skype chat & Facebook post and did little in terms of apprehending alleged fundamentalists with suicide vests.

A day after press drama on Panama, Obama is already referring to corporations ‘Insidious’ tax inversion arrangements, at the end of his term, now that the Apple, Google mega corporates tax dodging lobby money is in and banked.


This solution will advance their agenda.

In short the War on Terror solution, was all about them stripping your personal freedom and embedding themselves in everything you do.

I am a marked ‘Divergent’ of minor irritant and influence for example.

So the solution you will beg for in a rage, against Cameron, will imprison you, not him or the other more senior cartel members.

It will accelerate the war on cash. Which will be paraphrased again and again as ‘The Paedo’s currency’, ‘drug & illegal arms’ money we are told.

It will make all transactions a computerised event, including giving your niece a gift one day soon.

So you can focus all we like on the accountancy companies, or other links in the chain, they are just running close to the envelope of a known legal structure.




Your problem is not ‘THE PROBLEM’, but what is coming as your SOLUTION… which was very promptly awaiting and ready to make the next sweep of taking all your possible finacial transactions no matter how trivial into the ether, where all can be tracked and recorded.

They will say later when you complain that you cant even give a mate back a fiver for a coffee he bought you, that you asked for this and it was part of the war on ‘tax evasion’.

100+ years Old Rockeffeler on his 6th heart is hoping to see his master plan further than it is now, before checking out, the crash of 2016 is coming by design and order.. and he needs more progress on  destroying all elements of places to hide in Cash, in other countries bank accounts, in forex in another hemisphere or juristriction.

The clamp down audit on all you have is on the way, and it will be brutal, adminsitrative and all you have must be stored in the cloud, the jaws are closing. They will tell you that your reaction today begged for it.

You are warned.. More UBER sponsored by Goldman, Osbourne & Google.. Less Cash London Cabbie economy on the way..

Be careful what you ask for … you may get it and how!

Bye for now.


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