The Saga of Sir Philip Green & British Home Stores [BHS].


It has everything:

  1. Wild expansion & Business Revenue ramp
  2. Cheap debt
  3. Global Outsorcing to China
  4. Tax ‘Efficiency’ via wife & Monaco ‘offshore haven’
  5. Political influence
  6. Knighted by the Queen, after being put forward by Tony Blair,  for ‘services to the retail industry’
  7. £100 Millions pound Dividends
  8. High Rolling casino Nights out as ‘King of the Tables’
  9. Nepotism – Phil Green’s Stepson made £3 million on onsale of property acquired through BHS
  10. Hollowed out Pension fund
  11. Extreme wealth for boss, bereft workers, minimum wage and underfunded pensions
  12. £100 Million Super Yacht to be delivered to ‘Sir Philip’ *
  13. Sold to Retail Acquisitions for £1.00 for it to be crash landed by ‘an.other’
  14. 11000 staff lay off’s
  15. Nepotism Family members sold ex-BHS Property make a £3,5 million profit
  16. Control Fraud?

*The 90-metre vessel will join Green’s two other yachts, speedboat, helicopter and Gulfstream jet, which comes in handy for his weekly trips to and from Monaco to visit his family.