Discover the Unique & Proven FX Trading Strategies of The HVF Method

The Trading Metamorphosis Program

HVF Trading Metamorphosis Program (3 Month Program – 1 month training, 2 month implementation).

Our Rolls Royce, a full Bundle of Services, Software and Idea, providing likeminded community including:

  1. Primer Online Trading Course, The 18 steps to Lifestyle Trading[see Below], with methodology, case study’s and more, comprehensive online course, worth £797
  2. Theory Weekend,
  3. The Premium Basecamp Community for trade  idea share, market assessment, for 3 months, with low alumni monthly option extension
  4. Webinars & Trade Alerts
  5. New – Live CryptoTrading Room, 3X a week, with recordings
  6. Hunt Volatility Funnel Draw Tool for MT4, Worth £697
  7. Skype & Gotomeeting Mentoring One-to-One
  8. New Client Sunday Workshop Groups, with seasoned Alumni Host
  9. Broker set up
  10. Crypto Trading account set up and support
  11. So much more

The Market Sniper
London, United Kingdom

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Attend in Person – UK
Attend Virtual – Globally/Online Live

Live Trading Days

‘Over the Shoulder’ Trading Day with Francis Hunt aka ‘The Market Sniper’.

Watch us analyse chart and set up opportunities, in the flesh at our Physical trading days or through Gotomeeting for our virtual sessions. Spend the whole day, discovering trade opportunities, for high Reward to Risk ratio trades, with in a fast timeframe to completion [RRR/T].

Watch Francis place trades and have a true ‘Over the Shoulder’ experience.

Friday, December 2, 2016 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM (GMT)
London WC1B 3NN, United Kingdom

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Attend in Person – UK for £147.00
Attend Virtual – Globally/Online Live for £117.00

Our Online Self  Study Program.

18 Steps to a Lifestyle Trader, with the Hunt Volatility Funnel Method

This professionally presented online program, through the New Kajabi Online platform, entails:

18 topics taken an hour at a time, spliced into 4 x 15 min consumable segments videos, for a full series starting at Alpha right through to Omega.

With additional Bonus and case Study material, plus an enticing Millionaire challenge.

See a sample of the delivery platform right here on this link Click Here.

Bonus’s included

  1. Also Included a free drop in visit for a day to our new Live Crypto Trading room, by appointment.
  2. Plus a mid course consult & chat with Francis, on your progress
  3. One free of either a Trader Alert, Trading day or other Market update webinar, as received by our Trading Metamorphosis Program clients

Mail for details.

Payment option exists.

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Hunt Volatility Funnel MT4 Draw Tool

Draw the HVF Set up, designed for your MT4 platforms only. Available for separate Purchase.

  1. A potential set up in the making
  2. One about to break
  3. Even for set ups that has concluded, for the details it provides in your chart analysis for the future
  4. Have your Key Levels of Significance drawn and projected into the future
  5. See your Reward to Risk Ratio [RRR] for each draw and for modeling various ‘scenariocasts’
  6. Receive actual potential pip gain to loss, calculated for you with Time Stops and date & Time for closure if still open. [RRR/T]
  7. Visually clear for order entry and closure, with colour coded price levels

For more .. See the demonstration here Click here for the Playlist for the HVF Draw Tool for MT4, with new 2017 Spec Time Stops

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