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 The Market Sniper

 The Crypto  Sniper

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Single Strategy Specialization

Specialisation, to us this means executing to a high standard, in a highly detailed fashion, in one tightly defined and specific area of Price behaviour… enter The Hunt Volatility Funnel Method [HVF Method] [Place link here defining the HVF Method]. Be the Sniper not the general infantryman, The Surgeon not the first aid officer.

Detailed Training in the HVF Method

Concept, Principles, Process and Procedure. To forego all discretional trading and ‘ad hoc’ entries, requires a trader to totally submit to a singular approach. this requires high levels of confidence in the approach, emotional reflex containment and discipline. We Introduce the Concept, Principles, Process and right down to the granular Procedure in implementing the HVF Method in a nuts and bolts breakdown. Time for Specialist Training!

Online Community of ‘like minded’

There are many free forum boards of traders, these are usually unproductive for most, littered with stock rampers and salesman. There is no control, no sincere training, or mentorship support. Often Traders are scared out of their trade ideas, by others with contrarian views, that they subordinate to. This is when a closed community, of like minded traders of consistent approach, shows it value.

Regular Webinars

Once the HVF Method has been taught, knowledge only truly becomes ‘Wisdom’ when it is personally experienced and Implemented. The webinars are practically focused on utilising the method in live markets, these take the form of Market Updates & Trade Alerts.

Unique Community Mentoring

With GoToMeeting, Basecamp, WhatsApp, and Skype, we interact on any sticking personal points, providing a unique support service, where needed.

We also meet offline to those who are local, as occasion allows.

Trade Idea Shares

A great interim step and one that engenders confidence is the ability to see a trade idea gestated from study, decision, order entry and finally outcome.

This highlights the focus of HVF Method on Reward to Risk as a Ratio and our additional Time ‘on risk’ component incorporated therein, also known as RRR/T.