H2 China Re-emergence, to postpone 2016 FED Hikes? Copper, AUD & USDCNH say maybe The slides here, including the Copper, AUDUSD, AUDNZD, USDCNH [Offshore Renmimbi] Charts Here is also a AUDNZD progress update on this Inverted HVF which is related, for those looking into this.   Warm Wishes Francis

AUD/NZD eyeing Parity break thru 0.9328?

Hi Trader friends, [Prefer to watch a clip of this Blog Post, drop to the bottom of the post] I believe AUD/NZD is eyeing a parity break, in what will be a firm spell of AUD weakness. I teach the 3+1 Time frame view approach, also with 'Intramarket Analysis' , ie AUD against other pairs. The 3 time frames are Trend, Pattern & Trigger time frame, where ever there are set ups + The SuperMacro Super Macro - Provides clarity when pairs are at extreme highs or lows against each other indicated by the yellow bands, also captures major ebb & flows. Note the rising wedge bull run for the Ozzie to 2011 in a