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My recommended Traders reading book list & Free resources +YouTube Playlists

Hi, In this post I have placed a Book List of worthy reads by segment. Below that are some awesome free video's to watch too. I hope you enjoy feel free to drop comments & suggestions below. Sharing this post with likes is greatly appreciated, if it has been useful to you. Warm Wishes Francis     ==============   Book List   Mental Psychological   Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas – Have read, Excellent focus on mental posture towards risk. Key point is you can analyse and study all you want to fundamentally, to improve as a trader you need to develop the right emotional response to risk.   The Chimp Paradox Dr

My suggested, “Trading, Hard Technical Topics & Entertaining Narrative Reads + Mentality, Financial & Geopolitical Macro Game” Book list

  Hi,   This is not meant to be a conclusive list. But solid areas of value add in technical analysis are found here, with no fluff, all aspects contribute where most indicators don't.   Also some key mentality ponderings for 'inner game'. Then get some understanding of the Macro game of players and the levers to understand Intramarket flows and Knock on effects.   Hope you enjoy, no incentives taken for the list and I am quite blunt and direct on what I believes is valuable and whats not. I am not an 'everything is awesome' kinda of Guy, to rate as 'good' normally requires others 'Exceptional/must read!' billing or is just in my