MegaCrash Part 3 – China, Commodities & Cargo

The great, 2008 recovery powering force, was meant to be that of China.   Turning its Rural Community into, urbanised economically active dwellers 500 million at a time. Even if this was possible, it would be a bumpy transition, with many an overshoot, and Mal-Investment.   So when did China truly start slowing? A large part of the China 'miracle' would be the insatiable appetite for commodities especially for building, homes, commercial office & infrastructure.   Part 1 - Copper bottom. One of the most critical construction industrial metals is Copper. DEFINITION of 'Doctor Copper' Market lingo for the base metal that is reputed to have a Ph.D. in economics because of its ability to

Mega Crash [3 Part Series] – Part 1- The Indices after final ‘fakers’ rally 50%+ collapse

Hi, This is a 3 part series Blog Post - Part 1 here is on the major indices especially US Indices. I have never felt so bearish before... most charts I look at echo a fall.. for me. But what about the Key market and their Big Index bench marks? I am talking about the US.. and the S&P500, Dow, Russell 2000 [small caps] & of course the NASDAQ. Too many Heads & Shoulders to be ignored the game is continuation... but boy are there some reversal charts about on indices & 'The Fear Index' USDJPY. Then there is the early warning High Yield debt sector..     Slide pack here: Tips