Where to next for Global Indices ‘The One World Market’? – FTSE100, S&P500, DAX & USDJPY

Hi, So where to next for the Global Indices in ‘The One World Market’ ? The slideshare right here: TipTV36 - The 1 world market, Indices where to next - 08-09-15   Well FTSE100 'funneled' tightly then broke upside. FTSE100   SP500 A Break The SP500 is doing a 2nd Chance and for the Short TF, I amlong on a funnel revist - 'For Now', its dangerous! S&P500 - KLoS 1950   S&P500 - KLoS 1950   DAX Time too impulsive to dip yet?     But Yen = Fear Index... A scenario and key break on USDJPY..     USDJPY fear index is tiring   A bear scenario