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Pound Flash Crash predicted by HVF Theory – GBPUSD & GBPJPY

Hi,   We were expecting continuation for a downside break on GBP across a number of pairs, especially GBPUSD & GBPJPY. We had an Inverted HVF [Hunt Volatility Funnel] in an advanced stage. Here were our scenariocasts on these pairs including some from private clients on basecamp: A GBPJPY Scenariocast from September   A GBPUSD progression from an earlier scenario, pre-flashcrash.     The Flash Crash through Target GBPUSD   A graduates draw from premium Basecamp on the GBPUSD:     Subsequent Progress ==>     Melt Down Through Target!     Fundmanetally these were the 'reasons'. [But how were we positioned before, if these were true?]   How Ironic, at thinnest trade time

Free eBook ‘91% of traders lose, how to become the 9%’ Free Autowebinar and eBook

Hi,   91% of Traders Fail, How to become the 9%   Webinar Deutsche Bank Bust & Bail   For Readers Only there is a transcription, however better overall experience to utilise the Autowebinar above.   Enjoy.   Francis Hunt   For Membership/Trading Metamorphosis Program/The HVF MT4 Draw Tool email:

Freeview on Recorded Previous Sunday Sessions on HVf Theory 2 hours worth in 15 Min Segments

Hi Please find just under 2 hours of previously recorded 'FreeView' similar to our Forthcoming Sunday Sessions. The 8 x Sunday sessions on HVF Theory are just £249 and will include. Could you have made money had you know Oil was a short from $103, and would supercede at Least $77, with a high likelihood of substantial overperformance to the downside. HVF Theory did this and more. Oil pivital Year 2011 •All Chapter's chronologically delivered on HVF Theory each Sunday for an hour •Plus a 15 minute Market Review for the week ahead - ‘Whats the Trade?' •Plus a Basecamp Project for recordings •And a Live trading day attendance We Start 24 th

FED’s Selfmade Crossfire

FED's Selfmade Crossfire, Flattening curve dont feel so good.

Price Behaviour – Your Insider Detective on the markets – A GulfSands Petroleum revisit GPX:LON

Hi, In April 2013, I viewed a Spreadbet Magazine article, that was bullish GulfSands Petroleum [GPX:LON]. Instantly on seeing the chart I recognised a High Quality Inverted Hunt Volatility Funnel [Inv HVF] in formation. In short I was very 'Bearish' from first glance. I did a draw and concluded a weak rally would likely commence, possibly just running the 100p level. HVF Law 101 -'Key Levels of Significance' are usually just run due to 'Order Clustering' at key round numbers. From there, my suggested short point at 102p, I expected a collapse below 29p, in short less than 30% of the market Capitalisation to remain. This was a Psychologically difficult call, during April 2013, I