The Mega Equity Crash & Economic downturn Presentation – Slides Audio & Later Video’s

Hi, Please find the slides linked here from Friday February the 19th 2016. Presentation for London Investment Week 19.02.2015 final edit (1) Here below is the Audio Only for excellent sound quality for those in a Podcast mode! Audio Link here, Starts after 02:13 If you check Back in a few days time we will also host the videos of the full session for you to share with others or to view again.   Here are the Vimeo Links Part 1: Password for all 3 = 'LIS2016' Part 2: Part 3   Warm Wishes Francis    

Where to next for Global Indices ‘The One World Market’? – FTSE100, S&P500, DAX & USDJPY

Hi, So where to next for the Global Indices in ‘The One World Market’ ? The slideshare right here: TipTV36 - The 1 world market, Indices where to next - 08-09-15   Well FTSE100 'funneled' tightly then broke upside. FTSE100   SP500 A Break The SP500 is doing a 2nd Chance and for the Short TF, I amlong on a funnel revist - 'For Now', its dangerous! S&P500 - KLoS 1950   S&P500 - KLoS 1950   DAX Time too impulsive to dip yet?     But Yen = Fear Index... A scenario and key break on USDJPY..     USDJPY fear index is tiring   A bear scenario

The Anatomy of a Crash with IntraMarket Analysis, USDJPY, SP500 & FTSE100 and HVF Theory [Grindlines & Inv HVF set ups]

The Anatomy of a Crash with IntraMarket Analysis, USDJPY, SP500 & FTSE100.   HVF Theory was every where to the observant practioner. Grind Lines & Inverted HVF set ups particularly.   Below we have the FTSE, I had drawn a small relatively elongated Inverted HVF, the better form pattern was to come later. [*PS - for those who prefer to watch, rather than read scroll to the bottom and click play on the - HD Vimeo recorded with Rode External Audio]   FTSE100 H4     Whilst in the the US the S&P500 Grindline  was ominous, and supported the notion a smash down will be occurring. Note how the Blueshaded area, confirmed the wedge grind