A Tale of deadly timing – How Porsche Got motoring again [Part of VW Group]

Hi, Welcome to 2017, its going to be fascinating as ever, this year. But first tuck in with me and go on a journey, a short story awaits. Trading is a funny old game, I was reading the book ‘Mastering the Game of Money’. One of the descriptive passages spoke of two wealthy men. One of them being the wealthiest man in Germany at the time, Mr Adolf Merckle, net worth $12 Billion. He owned the largest Pharmaceutical company in Europe, he also had interests in manufacturing & construction. He fancied himself as a speculator too, [Dangerous]. Sure way to a small fortune = Start with a Large Fortune + add novice speculation tendencies. In

A tale of Two Car Companies

                  In the motoring world VW & Tesla recently have been 'A Tale of Two Car Companies' Here was the Trend view on the Daily for VW, prior to the Scandal breaking and up into it. Daily VW         Pattern View H1, into the News breaking, with Positive slippage and over performance.   Plus the gift of a primer on the M5   Primer M5   Tesla had a more positive draw although not safely tradeable. Here is the Trend view on the Weekly Timeframe             Target made, then an agressive pullback post the round number at 270. The