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 Meet Francis Hunt



“I am a musician with little former trading experience but through the 18 Steps to a Lifestyle Trader I was able to turn an initial investment of £8’000 into £60’000 in just over 6 weeks.”

Joao Jesus

“I managed to make profits in the crypto markets while almost every other die-hard crypto investor saw their accounts being halved”

Dewald Lourens

Kunal Patel

Antony Welfare


“I incorporated whatever learnt from there into your free lessons and my god, it feels like an awakening. Enlightenment. Now all the stray bits and pieces fit perfectly together.”

– Ariffin

“Thanks for sharing the HVF with the rest of us!  I very much enjoy the material and attitude I’ve seen so far”

– Bjorn Oettinger

“Your combination of global fundamentals and technical analysis is truly rare and always inspiring.”

– David Cooper

“thanks for everything you are doing for us people out there. I watch your videos regularly and find them always very interesting.”

 – Christian

“Your free presentation is a wonderful primer for a novice and, frankly, I wish I had stumbled upon it earlier. Having kept a blog for a bit, it is a great gift you are giving by sharing your experience. Thank you.”

 – Michael Bravo

“I have to say, there is nobody online more beneficial to listen to than you. You’re a very sincere, very deep thinking person and I have a lot of respect for your reflections. Thank you.”

“Its only right to let you know about the success I had following 2 trades highlighted at your recent NFP trading day. I took both the Porsche holdings trade and the AUDCAD trade. I made £466 on Porsche and £288 on AUDCAD, a total of £754. One of your regular phrases is “tell me this doesn’t work”, its no surprise the audience never answers! Your process and methodology does inspire confidence and conviction in trading and as a result great results. I’m looking forward to your 4th April event, I’m already booked.

Could I also be a real pain, could I trouble you to send me the details of the next metamorphosis programme and the various payment structures again please? Thanks a lot!”

 – Spencer Clayton-Jones

“Good day Francis, my name is Marius Rutkus. I am from Lithuania. I am following you since last year’s spring. Your video blogs made an impression on me. I really appreciate your style of how you look the markets. I admire you because you have your own pre-trading research
technique. I want to say thank you for your inspiration.

It really made an impression for me when I accidentally started to follow you and learned that you found your HVF method. it had improved my performance entirely. Best regards from Lithuania 🙂

– Marius

“I wanted to write this to show my appreciation for your time and work in creating the trading community that has set my trading career on the direction I’ve been searching for. Also, I would like to share my recent experience in using HVF Theory in hopes that it may provide some encouragement to others who are or in involved in your programs.

I came across You and the HVF Theory in May/June of 2016 after being in a long search of a transformation for my exhausted trading life. In 2008 I decided I wanted to begin learning about the financial markets and eventually make it my profession. I invested upwards of 50K
(USD) in educational courses in hopes that it would be the answer to achieving this goal. This proved to be academically beneficial but near worthless in accomplishing my goal. By 2012 I had become a full forced “Options Day Trader” and Credit Spread Trader which I grew to not enjoy due to the stress of my account never seeming to advance beyond a certain level. In 2016 I decided that I’d had enough and set out to look for a solution. I won’t stretch out the details but Your teachings, such as the importance of RRR and KLoS, were the missing threads that held back my growth. The first half of 2016 I had experience 43k account draw down form the start 122k, my worst year ever and I was exhausted. This is when I came across your YouTube Interview with Financial-Spread-Betting.com and was drawn to the psychology. I spent many late nights finding everything I could on HVF Theory and studied everything multiple times over until I felt confident enough to reconstruct my trading platform and put my money back into the market with the HVF strategy. By Dec 22nd that same year I had recovered my entire loss with the trading comfort I’ve been looking for. I accomplished this by performing less tradesthen I expected and risking less capital. Since then I’ve joined the Trading Metamorphoses Program and found it to be more valuable then any past educational ventures I’ve been involved with. Now, in 2017, Im in a much different place with my trading. I’m back to enjoying my trading business and thus far have experienced consistence healthy growth.

Here is a few examples of recent trades I’ve done that will should how my huge account recovery took place. As I stated before I’m an options trader so I will provide the options info with the screenshots. These may not be “Beauty Queen” examples but profitable none the less.”


TIF Info:

BUY 15 Aug CALLS 82.50

Open @ $3.41 = $5,115       Close @ $11.22 = $16,830

Profit: $ 11,715 229%

MXIM Info:

BUY 20 May CALLS 41

Open @ $2.35 = $4,700 Close @ $5.20 = $10,400

Profit: $5,700 221%

-Justin Bundy