The Anatomy of a Crash with IntraMarket Analysis, USDJPY, SP500 & FTSE100.


HVF Theory was every where to the observant practioner. Grind Lines & Inverted HVF set ups particularly.


Below we have the FTSE, I had drawn a small relatively elongated Inverted HVF, the better form pattern was to come later. [*PS – for those who prefer to watch, rather than read scroll to the bottom and click play on the – HD Vimeo recorded with Rode External Audio]


FTSE100 H4


2015-08-30_00-33-01 trades super ann


Whilst in the the US the S&P500 Grindline  was ominous, and supported the notion a smash down will be occurring.

Note how the Blueshaded area, confirmed the wedge grind up was failing.

We also hada test of the lower grind a rally and Gap through the grind line note the beig strip, plus a return  move all exhausting the Bulls followed by Inv HVF structure.

Daily Cash SP500 below as it was triggering the Inv HVF.


S&P500 Daily


2015-08-21_SPX 500_D1


Here is the softening trend into the INV HVF D&P500 Structure set up on a H4 Timeframe. As a first Inv HVF in a new trend we highlighted that overperformance may occure to target.

This see’s a 50-60% Total Position size closure of the trade, with the remainde managed on a 1st Inv HVF Overperformnace band strategy.


S&P500 H4



The key Intramarket Analysis for ‘Fear’ reactions was the USDJPY, with rushed unwinding of the ‘Carry Trade’.

On this we called the Inverted HVF set up and managed an extreme advanced entry, leading to a RRR 62.5 for the overperformace component.

Here is the run up to the USDJPY trade and inserted trade call. It includes my handheld chart and Basecamp order entry details.


USDJPY H1 [Trend & Pattern View] M15 Trgger Timeframe View – With Premium Trade Call on Basecamp


2015-08-29_00-04-43 resized super ann for pinned tweet (1)


Here are the Indices charts with the FX Chart in a Mash up, note the point the USDJPY spill point on the FTSE100 chart a confirming and preceding indicator.


2015-08-30_00-46-39 Anatomy of a crash

Hunt volatility Theory is an extremely powerful High Reward to Risk ratio, accumulation strategy for your trading account in established trends, regularly providing 1:4 – 7 RRR, that may be optimised to 10+RRR using advanced strategies such as ‘forced’ early entries, Primer set ups, Wind Ups and multitimeframe set ups.


However it can truly quantum leap your account equity if and when early set ups in new trends are captured, as witnessed with a single entry and closure on an overperformance band can provide an astonishing 62.5 RRR on the USDJPY.

To be explicit if the total trade risk taken was kept at 2,5% on a £10,000 account your 1.5% stake [60%] would have generated a RRR of 11.4 [17.1% gain on the fund £1,710] = after the small wind up boosted it slightly (not shown here, on our premium boards).

The 1% [40%] would have attained 62.5 RRR [a separate gain of 62.5% on the fund = £6,250].


The net effect of this would be a £10,000 account making a monstrous 79.6% gain in a single trade idea. Plus £7,960 in profits, taking the account to, £17,960


The 2.5% risk sizing,  was entirely justifiable as we had repeated historic HVF Targets on the upside in the 1.24’s & 1.25’s range. There was clearly a confluence here of geometric topping out targets for a reasonable timeframe set ups H4 & Daily.

Plus the fact that these charts were also topping out a key historic level of resisitance on the USDJPY, in short we had been hunting and looking for first Inv HVF’s in a new trend at the 1.24’s level for the USDJPY for a reasonable period, here were some earlier shorts taken and some of those long term charts of significance for this pair.


Here is the Monthly Macro resistance level, just run in HVF Theory Law of a Key Level of Significance [KLoS] being just run, due to the principle of ‘Order Clustering’ at a key level.


Monthly USDJPY


2015-08-30_17-54-00 macro resistance 125s


Here is a few of the lead up daily patterns clustering at the mid 123’s through into the 124’s level, indicating a confluence of geometric Targets clustering at these levels.


USDJPY HVF Target clusters at 124/5’s


2015-05-28_14-31-24 super ann (1)



We have examples of Reversal set ups on short timeframes at the 125’s levels after topping out through the legacy big timeframe targets. here we SCENARIOCAST for a H&S reversal, as below.


USDJPY H1 Short Time Frame Reversal set ups, illustrating early eaxaustion





It later makes its downside target before rallying again. A clear battle exhausting the Bull arguement is being fought.


Target made USDJPY H1 Head & Shoulders



2015-06-11_00-25-28 (1)


In Conclusion, HVF Theory can position you like no other technical system of study can.

When you feel its time for you to be in the running for 62.5 RRR trades and regular accumulation at RRR’s of 3 – 7, till that happens come for a Trading Day, A Sunday Sessions Series, or a Trading Metamorphosis Program or just become a membeor of our Bootcamp and trader mentoring VPN on Basecamp.

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Warm wishes

Francis Hunt

*PS – for those who prefer to watch rather than read click play below.