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The Trading Metamorphosis Program

Full emersion into the Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] trading methodology.

Get the trading metamorphosis program – Just £6497


The Trading Metamorphosis Program is a comprehensive package comprising of all the resources available that will allow you to internalise and profit from my unique Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] Trading Method in the shortest period of time and with the fullest level of support. The HVF Trading Method is unconventional but easy to grasp with the appropriate guidance which you will receive in abundance through my Trading Metamorphosis Program. This includes concepts such as:

  • How to focus your attention (and capital) on trades with the biggest potential gain in the shortest period of time.
  • The “unfair advantage” of being in a trade ahead of the crowd and before the big price move even starts.
  • When to get out of a trade for maximum gains while the crowd piles money into what has essentially become a risky proposition.
  • A single, easy to understand and implement trading strategy where all eventualities are covered, from knowing when to cut your losses to claiming maximum profits.
  • Ways to limit risk and manage your funds accordingly, making sure you retain your capital to stay in the game.

Through the Trading Metamorphosis Program you will benefit from the most intense training, support and guidance on my primary and highly profitable trading methodology – the Hunt Volatility Funnel (HVF for short)  – and with these trade winning principles and mentalities you could easily replicate my success and come to realise:

  • The markets love you and will give you gifts if you know where to look for them. Like spotting trading opportunities with such limited downside that you could safely afford to play with higher stakes – claiming much bigger rewards without risking too much of your own capital.
  • How to end up on the winning side of price gaps and “slippage”. That’s right, you could land a nice fat bonus simply by the nature of the HVF Trading Methodology.
  • Why you should trade less – not more (as encouraged by your broker and many tutors who make fat commissions from every trade you place). The HVF Trading Methodology will focus your attention and capital on a select few trades that will give you the biggest bang for your buck… just like the professional traders do – rather than jumping on every would-be opportunity… like the “punters” do who then end up taking a loss, time and time again.
  • Which markets to avoid that could tie up your money for long periods of time or indeed lead to substantial draw-down and other downside risks.
  • Why all indicators including RSI, MACD and Stochastics are unreliable, confusing and outright dangerous to use. Instead, you’ll discover how to read charts like a pro without even looking at those lagging, so-called trading aids that are prone to giving you false signals.

The full Trading Metamorphosis Program gives you access all available learning materials created on the HVF Trading Method including “18 Steps to a Lifestyle Trader” – my online self-study, a deep archive of trading examples and of course full access to the HVF traders community where numerous trade ideas are being presented and discussed offering an incredibly vivid and exciting learning environment.

So What’s So Special About my Trading Metamorphosis Program?

The “Trading Metamorphosis Program” is the richest learning environment I can offer you for a deep understanding of the Hunt Volatility Funnel Trading Methodology, the mothodology same methodology that will propel your trading and investing abilities and you to:

  • Banish stress from your trading – nearly all HVF trades start with a quick and significant profitable price move. As long as your trade remains profitable you remain in a good state of mind which is vital for your emotions and ultimately your trading success (let alone your personal health and quality of life).
  • Experience a highly favourable Risk to Reward Ratio (RRR) – you will discover how to make at least x3 (even x10 and more…) on the amount you risk for your future trades. This is HUGE (and the biggest secret of successful traders) because without it the odds are certainly not in your favour. So ask yourself, do my current strategies offer these kinds of return?
  • Enjoy pre-programmed (set and forget) trades – there is no need to watch multiple screens every minute of the day for that perfect moment to enter or exit your trade. HVF methodology allows you to give instructions to your broker with the exact price you want to enter into a trade but also exit out of a trade whenever your desired price level is attained. You can carry on with your day job, or life in general.
  • Employ a simple, logical, quick-to-learn methodology – HVF Methodology comprises a number of simple rules that are relatively easy to understand and implement. Compared to other trading systems, HVF Method is a breeze and you will quickly get the hang of it – regardless of any previous trading experience.
  • Fit your trading style – HVF Method applies to any market, any time-frame and any season. So you could use it to trade forex, stocks and shares including options, any commodity including gold and silver, even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
  • Say no to further costs/requirements – use your existing or any brokerage/exchange you choose. We’ll suggest and help you set up with our favourite resources but you are under no obligation to use any particular provider for the purposes of implementing the HVF Methodology.

Get the trading metamorphosis program – Just £6497


3 Months Intensive Training with Francis Hunt a.k.a. ‘The Market Sniper’ and ‘The Crypto Sniper’ 

Our Rolls Royce package, a full bundle of educational resources, services, software as well as full access to our trading community of like-minded HVF traders, generating numerous trade ideas on an ongoing basis. This package includes:

  • Theory Weekend – a two-day event that you may attend live in London UK, or virtual through webinar streaming and/or recordings. Discover all about the ethos behind the Hunt Volatility Funnel and how I trade the markets (2x 8 hour days with lunch and tea breaks)
  • Online Trading Course ” The 18 steps to Lifestyle Trader” Comprehensive online course (18 hours of recorded materials with ample examples explaining the HVF trading methodology
  • 2 Live ‘over the shoulder trading days’ – providing the practical implementation of the HVF strategy and theoretical re-enforcement.
  • The Premium Basecamp and Whatsapp Community – where live trading, charting and support on an interactive and ongoing basis
    Trades ideas share and market assessment, 3 months
  • WhatsApp Groups – for quick updates and ideas shares 24/7 market updates and trade alerts from our global likeminded Snipers Community
  • Weekly Webinars  including quick evening meetups (1 hour) for trade reviews
  • Nonfarm payroll trading day (2 hours presented by Francis Hunt once per month)
  • New Snipers Sunday Workshop – group webinar presented by alumni host
  • Hunt Volatility Funnel Draw Tool for MT4, MT5 – Key Levels of Significance, Stop-loss, Reward Risk Ratio and Scenariocast precalculated for you
  • Broker set up support
  • Crypto Trading account set up support
  • As Alumni, you will also be invited to extend your Snipers Community Membership, available only for “The Trading Metamorphosis Program” premium clients, for £97  a month including  Basecamp and WhatsApp Community, live trading days and webinars for future programs.

Do not miss this opportunity to make a quantum shift in your trading education and abilities. This package represents the full suite of education products and services offered by The Market Sniper that allowing you to internalise and profit from my trademark Hunt Volatility Funnel trading methodology in the shortest possible period of time.

The value of this package far exceeds £20’000, considering that many of my students have landed such profits and more within the 3 month time-frame of the Trading Metamorphosis Program. Therefore, I feel my Trading Metamorphoses Program is reasonably priced given that you are about to receive a life-changing income generating technique to benefit from for the rest of your life.

I’d love for you to see you on the other side.

Francis Hunt
The Market Sniper
The Crypto Sniper

Get the trading metamorphosis program – Just £6497


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Get the trading metamorphosis program – Just £6497