The Trading MetaMorphosis Program

The Trading MetaMorphosis Program

HVF Trading Metamorphosis Program (3 Month Program – 1 month Training, 2 Month Implementation)

The Market Sniper
London, United Kingdom
Attend in Person – UK
Attend Virtual – Globally/Online

Hunt Volatility Funnel Trading Metamorphosis Program

3 months training with Francis Hunt aka ‘The Market Sniper’

High Probability ‘Break Out’ Traders

This year a group of people will flourish, with what I expect may happen over the next 12 months… Will you be one of them?

Despite all the money that may be made in trading, the bulk of profits will be claimed by the well organised traders, including ordinary home based individuals, some of whom may even be in a full time job doing something else.

These successful, well organised individuals trade with a clear and tight system, one that can transform anyone’s financial standing substantially and allows for significant profits in all the various markets, especially if the year ahead unfolds as we expect.

In the Hunt Volatility Funnel Trading Metamorphosis Program, I share such a system with you. A system that has allowed me to profit from the financial markets for over 26 years. It works.

The program includes:

  • 2 Day live or virtual theory weekend event
    Learn all about the Hunt Volatility Funnel and how I trade the markets
  • 2 Live ‘over the shoulder trading days’
    Provides practical implementation of the HVF strategy and theoretical re-enforcement.
    As Alumni, you will also be invited to ANY live trading days for future programs, as we extend your experience and roll out the practical implementation of the strategy.
  • 3 months of mentoring – FREE
    Basecamp Mentoring Community (VPN), where live trading, charting and support on an interactive basis is ongoing (including real-time trade alerts)
  • 3 months of Implementation, One-2 One consultations and follow ups
    Webinars – Skype updates – Special opportunity idea shares – Quick evening meet ups (1 hour) for trade reviews – A final P&L assessment of your trading results over the 6 month period.
  • Introduction to all the best brokers

Many of our students earned back their programme fees and much more, from live funds and trade ideas within days of completing the first 2 day event.

At the close of the 2 day training weekend, you will know:

  • Which market to be involved in
  • When to buy or sell to open a trade
  • Where to place a loss stop
  • The relevant target for the trade
  • Expectation of a trade, including when and WHY progress may falter for a while

Here is what you will receive if you decide to join the programme:

  • 2 day theory event + 2 ‘over the shoulder’ trading days. One physically done for all local students, the other done online for the day.
  • A full trading system that makes up a 100% of all trades you will ever need make.
  • Practical implementation and theoretical re-enforcement through regular follow ups.
  • Mentoring through our Basecamp Mentoring Community (VPN), where live trading, charting and support on an interactive basis is ongoing.
  • Regular webinars, Skype updates, special opportunity idea shares, quick evening meet ups, and a final P&L assessment.
  • Consolidate and build on your understanding of the trading method.
  • Perpetual access to live trading days for future programs.

See how this year we have made Money shorting Gold, being Long USD JPY, the Nikkei, sold short Standard Chartered and Gulfs and Petroleum, all for substantial gain – including a 1500 pip holiday winning trade on shorting the Turkish Lira against the dollar!

Bonus Bonanza!

  • ‘7 Common Trading Mistakes New Traders Make’ – DVD
  • The 32% Move in Copper in just 2 trading weeks, a short Squeeze on the ‘Trump Infrastructure’ play, before the phrase even existed.
  • How we used our unique ‘break out’ trading methodology in 5 example trades, that saw us short the Euro to the Swiss Franc before the news on the Greek crisis broke in the beginning of 2010 (dated example? Yes. But you’ll see just why it’s still relevant!).
  • Another that saw us in leveraged long positions from September 2009 taking us from $962 to our target in excess of $1300… in just over a year.
  • Why we were Long on Coffee for a Risk Reward trade of 1:18.9 done in just 8 days,
    Plus similarly successful trades on Crude Oil, Share & Equity markets.

I personally fear for many people’s financial position for the coming year, since this may well be the year when economic reality bites REALLY hard… The irony is that, for a certain select, well informed group, this could be their best year ever!

Become one of them.

For those determined to unlock the secrets to flourishing in 2017, I look forward to meeting you, contact us to be assessed for your suitability for one of our programs, and availability.

Warmest Wishes,

Francis Hunt

P.S. A 3X Instalment plan is available for this product. Please request information on this aspect, when you contact us to discuss on

Watch Who is Francis Hunt, a brief introduction to the man behind the Sniper.

P.P.S. Successfully selected candidates can be invoiced by us and we provide Credit Card, as well as Debit Card payment options, or even wire transfer details