Virtual Trading Metamorphosis Program [vTMP] & a Value Pack ‘Lite’ Program – Theory Weekend, Traders Vault & 3 weeks Full basecamp.



My Next Theory weekend, which is the Kickoff & Official commencement for a new Trading Metamorphosis Program [TMP], the 6 month [2 month educational, 4 month Implementation], is on June the 18th 2016, This will be a ‘Virtual’ delivered Program only for this date, you will see me in a window on your, NoteBook, Ipad or Desktop plus my screen share in a separate windows.

As always we are live and interactive for questions throughout the weekend sessions in a Gotomeeting Structure.

But the key opportunity, for those interested in the lower price entry point in cost terms, we have put together as a once off, a high value Low Cost sampler “The Value Pack ‘Lite’ Program”.

I will detail this immediately below this paragraph. If you are interested in the full Virtual Trading MetaMorphosis Program [vTMP] drop down to the Bold text half way down the page, The June 18th Kickoff, is a Virtual offering and is slightly less than the Full Physical Attendance TMP Course [next one of those in September 10 & 11th 2016, Commencement for Theory weekend, Primer viewing in traders Vault prior is advised, so secure early].

The vTMP for June 18th Investment is £4,297 and £3,997 if quick and you qualify for early bird pricing.

Value Pack ‘Lite’ Program

This is what is available and included, in the first offering of the Value Pack ‘Lite’ Program:

  1. Full Access to the ‘Traders Vault’ primer materials, [2 x Series of Chronological walk through’s in 12 segments with bonus clips, involving live trades at the time 25+Hours], prior to Theory Weekend, as soon as you reserve
  2. Full Access to All Basecamp projects from your reservation to 3 weeks post ‘Theory Weekend’ [till 3rd July 2016] to facilitate questions, Implementation and Practical Trading
  3. Full Live Virtual Attendance to The full ‘Theory Weekend’ of June the 18th, Questions, Interaction and full online participation
  4. Access to a recording of Theory weekend for repeat viewing, or selective sessions as wished, throughout the duration of the ‘Lite’ program
  5. Broker Introduction, and Full ‘Follow my trades’ access through our live real time partners, with chat and smart Mobile device delivery for where ever you are access, similar to Whatsapp, with one touch Trade copy or amend and submit capability. Yes a technology that really works! till the end of the 10th July
  6. All Live Sunday Sessions, with week ahead market view, and trade assessment, that take place during the period.
  7. One full trading based Skype/Fixed line mentoring call for 18 minutes per delegate, on an ‘ask me anything’ basis.
  8. Affordable Basecamp membership plans for those who wish to continue all of the above and become long run members of the community, or full rebate against investment already made to full flagship ‘Trading Metamorphosis Program’, if you so wish
  9. Total Cost £997.00 or Select to have the HVF Draw Tool included, and attain a massive discount of £198 making a cost of just £299, making this option with HVF Draw Tool £1,296 all in, see payment details below.

Claim your Trading shift this Summer, Reserve by transfer on the details below, attain access to The Traders Vault, immediately on confirmation. Then start watching the secrets of developing an edge, be revealed to you, so you well primed for Theory Weekend.


Details below, see you on the other side.

Banking details:

UK Residents:

Francis Hunt

Barclays Bank

Sort Code: 20 – 42 – 58

Acc No:     13071219



Francis Hunt

Or IBAN – GB50 BARC 2042 5813 0712 19


For any questions on the Value Pack Program ‘Lite’, email me on, but better still as email volume is high, call on 0208 333 2552 or 078 33 0969 52 or arrange a skype chat if International in the evenings or to suit on the Calendly link below:

Click here for a time & date to chat With Francis on your needs <<== Please Book a slot here for a Skype Chat by clicking the link


Also consider ..

The full ‘Flagship’  Trading MetaMorphosis Program is detailed below:


Hunt Volatility Funnel
Trading Metamorphosis Program

6 months Training, Mentoring & Implementing together, with Francis Hunt aka ‘The Market Sniper’

Become part of a High Probability, Fast moving ‘Break Out’ Trader Community


This year a group of people will flourish, with what I expect may happen over the next 12 months… Will you be one of them?

Despite all the money that may be made in trading, the bulk of profits will be claimed by the well organised traders, including ordinary home office based individuals, some of whom may even be in a full time job doing something else.

These successful, well organised individuals trade with a clear and tight system, one that can transform anyone’s financial standing substantially and allows for significant profits in all the various markets, especially if the year ahead unfolds as we expect. Their trade Entry Levels, Stops and Take profits are planned well in advance of entry, and they don’t need to be screen ‘Transfixed’.


In the Hunt Volatility Funnel Trading Metamorphosis Program, I share such a system with you.  A system that has allowed me to profit from the financial markets for over 26 years.  It works.

The program includes:

ü   2 Day live or virtual theory weekend event
Learn all about the Hunt Volatility Funnel and how I trade the markets

ü   2 x Live ‘over the shoulder trading days’
Provides practical implementation of the HVF strategy and theoretical re-enforcement in a live trading environment , where we will actively analyse and implement the HVF strategy and plan & execute trades.

As Alumni, you will also be invited to ANY live trading days for future programs, as we extend your experience and roll out the practical implementation of the strategy.

ü   6 months of mentoring – FREE
Basecamp Mentoring Community (VPN), where live trading, charting and support on an interactive basis is ongoing (including real-time trade alerts), Basecamp VPN is also available on your Smart handheld device. Email notification are sent when updates are made to any of the 40 projects, including planned trades. See the ‘Trade Tracking’ below

ü   6 months of Implementation, One-2 One consultations and follow ups including:
Webinars –  Skype updates –  Special opportunity idea shares –   A final P&L assessment of your trading results over the 6 month period.


ü   Introduction to all the best brokers, with unique Live & real Time ‘Trade Tracking’

For Good spreads, charting and Functionality.

Which will also include follow my trades functionality:

  1. That gives you realtime instant notification to your Android or Apple device, as a trade is placed by me or others in the HVF Community Group
  2. With a whatsapp styled chat facility within the Ticker share
  3. All through a bespoke partner application, which facilitates a one touch copy of trades I place or others in the community group
  4. Also allowing adjustment
  5. – Skype updates –  Special opportunity idea shares –  Quick evening meet ups (1 hour) for trade reviews.


Many of our students earned back their programme fees and much more, from live funds and trade ideas during the duration of the programme itself. Whilst not an expectation to have, I would expect over the longer run of a few years for the original investment to have potentially covered the original investment by a high multiple in returns dependent on candidate and application.


At the close of the 2 day training weekend, you will know:

ü     Which market to be involved in, and what makes a ‘Beauty Queen’ of a set up. Across all the multitude of markets there are more opportunities than you can hope to track

ü     When to buy or sell to open a trade

ü     Where to place a loss stop

ü     The relevant target for the trade

ü     Expectation of a trade, including when and WHY progress may falter for a while, Plus how to use computer power to SCAN for opportunities and have more potential trades than you need, thereby permitting you to select the very best ones!


Here is what you will receive if you decide to join the programme:

ü  2 day theory event + 2 ‘over the shoulder’ trading days. One is usually a NonFarm day.

ü  A full trading system that makes up a 100% of all trades you will ever need make.

ü  Practical implementation and theoretical re-enforcement through regular follow ups.

ü  Mentoring through our Basecamp Mentoring Community (VPN), where live trading, charting and support on an interactive basis is ongoing. Basecamp is available as an App on your smart device too, and email alerts are sent for each new post.

ü  Regular webinars, Skype updates, special opportunity idea shares, quick evening meet ups.

ü  Consolidate and build on your understanding of the trading method.

ü  Perpetual access to live trading days from future programs, Trade alerts, Trade ideas and mentoring for as long as you elect to remain a basecamp member post the 6 months, Just £19.97 PCM, for Full Program Alumni.


See how this year we have made Money shorting the EURUSD, Going Long XAGUSD at the begining of the year, being short the USD JPY, Why we are short Deutsche Bank and have been for awhile, Why there will be dollar strength again seeing the EURUSD run parity and beyond and the FX Emerging currencies will have further falls USDZAR, USDTRY, USDMXN!


Bonus Bonanza!

ü  ‘7 Primary Trading Mistakes Traders Make’ – DVD

ü ‘Full Traders Value Pack’ 3x DVD and Audio for ‘car’ or whilst gardening listening set

ü  How we used our unique ‘break out’ trading methodology in 5 example trades, that saw us short the Euro to the Swiss Franc before the news on the Greek crisis broke in the beginning of 2010 (dated example?  Yes.  But you’ll see just why it’s still relevant!).

ü  Another that saw us in leveraged long positions from September 2009 taking us from $962 to our target in excess of $1300… in just over a year.

ü  Why we were Long on Coffee for a Risk Reward trade of 1:18.9 done in just 8 days,
Plus similarly successful trades on Crude Oil, Share & Equity markets.

ü  A copy of Francis’ forthcoming ‘Hunt Volatility Funnel’ eBook, Becoming the 9%, detailing all the key elements and theory with lots of colour charts to illustrate the success of this unique, personally derived trading method.


I personally fear for many people’s financial position for the coming year, since this may well be the year when economic reality bites REALLY hard… The irony is that, for a certain select, well informed group, this could be their best year ever!

Become one of them.

For those determined to unlock the secrets to flourishing in 2016, I look forward to meeting you.


Isn’t it time you felt that Deep ‘shift’ in your trading outcomes, with a true High Reward, Low risk Trading system, that moves you quickly into profit on entry.

Warmest Wishes,

Francis Hunt

P.S.  An Instalment plan is available for this product. Please contact me to discuss on, *early bird discounts apply only when payment in full.

Watch Who is Francis Hunt,  a brief introduction to the man behind the Sniper.

P.P.S. We prefer direct bank transfers to using Paypal for your transaction, we will get your first days Lunch & Traders Value Pack set on the program if Physically attending or send you a Traders Value pack 3x DVD & Audio CD if Virtually/Online attending, to your postal address as provided.

Direct Bank Details: 


Banking details:

Francis Hunt

Barclays Bank


Sort Code: 20 – 42 – 58

Acc No:     13071219


Or IBAN – GB50 BARC 2042 5813 0712 19


Thank you for your consideration and valuing the Hunt Volatility Funnel principles.

Wishing you a warm pleasant Summer ahead.


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