The purpose of such massive stockpiling can only be with the intent of resurrecting “the gold standard.”


Lets evaluate that statement.

– When the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England accumulated bullion in the 19th century, did they do it to strengthen the specie convertability of the Pound Sterling?

Or did they do it so they could issue more paper, claiming the Gold was there such that it could be used to manipulate markets, while actually disbursing the Gold to themselves, and their Cronies?

– When those same bankers transferred their Gold to the US during WWI and in the 1920s…was it to REALLY to strengthen the US Gold Standard?

Or did they do it to manipulate European markets, bankrupt Credit Anstalt, while simultaneously printing so many paper claims on that Gold that they had to have President Roosevelt confiscate all of it and then devalue by 50%????

– And so, today, as these other nations with their own fiat currencies collect Gold…are they doing it to produce a Gold Standard for the common person?

Or are they doing it to enable market manipulation, bankrupt political opponents, while printing so much paper currency that the price of Gold will be driven up sharply in terms of that paper currency?


How many times do you have to see a scam in order to believe it is possible???

Maybe they want a Gold standard.   Maybe they don’t.

But a Gold standard is the friend of the common person everywhere because it defends his wealth against easy government confiscation.

By the same token, the Gold Standard is the enemy of all governments for the EXACT SAME REASON.

Which seems a more likely reason for the Governments of China and Russia to be hoarding Gold? To benefit their common citizens?  Or to benefit themselves?

I wouldn’t waste effort in Hoping for the best.

But you should PLAN for the worst.

Plagiarised & Accurate…Prose!


If you think governments, and their handlers, worry and stay up at night worrying for you, the citizens, preservation of wealth, instead of their ability to tax your work with inflation on a new paper cycle with a few stylistic differences.

Then you must report to room 13, inbetween the Tooth Fairy & Santa Claus adherents room, opposite the flat earth societies centre.


Else Stack and prepare to ride the valuations macro cycles all over again for the next generation, you are not in control, most don’t know there is even a game on that they are being generational duped upon.