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The ADP number is a sample of, and a proxy for, the Nonfarm payrolls number (NFP) that will be released on our Live Trading Day on Friday, and it came in below expectations. It is a sample of companies that use one of the biggest payroll payslip provider companies, and that sample of employees added is usually a good guide for how the Nonfarm payroll number will come in.It is possibly pointing to a weak NFP number. This economically could lead to the expectation that the Fed can no longer afford to be hawkish on inflation, on account of the labour market now showing signs of slowing down.In the possible scenario of the NFP number coming in below expectations, we may expect some softening in the USDJPY and some scope for the Euro to get a short term rally.USD/JPY 1D: Scenario-cast if NFP is below expectation
In this instance, stocks may get a bid and Bitcoin could also rally to the upside. If Bitcoin were to get between the 22 to 24K range this will provide the next possible set up for shorting Bitcoin and crypto.BTCUSD 1D: Scenario-cast if NFP is below expectation in blue. If not, then red
Regardless of the NFP number outcome tomorrow, even if weak, I still expect in two of three weeks time for the Fed to continue to be hawkish and for this to result in another slamming selloff. If the NFP number is soft interest rates are also likely ease and bonds will get a bid and all the buy-bonds-wear-diamonds guys will be back out in full force.Don’t be fooled!It is our view that they are trading rallies in a bear markets, and as a result, we will stand back from the market. We’ll be looking to add additional shorts at key levels, and the one trade I reiterate of interest is Bitcoin tapping out somewhere between the 22 and 24K level. This will be a great shorting point for us, in our opinion. So, let’s see if we are correct. Will the Nonfarm number disappoint on our Live Trading Day?
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