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Key event! EUR/USD is in an inverted HVF setup with a target that takes it below parity. That’s right! We said a long time ago, that the EURO falls below parity against the Dollar. Further to which, our long-term trade that was “in-between” when Dollar strength was in existence, the EUR/Swiss Franc (CHF) is again below parity and pressing lower. The EURO is in trouble against our Dollar dominance theme and the Swiss Franc.EURUSD 6H: setting up for a parity run
Korean WonOur macro chart below illustrates that since the very beginning of 2009, you have not traded and had a monthly close above the 1300 level. 2009 was the depths of the lows of the post GFC era. Since then the Korean Won has been well below that level. Now we are facing the recovery of the Dollar against the Korean Won, in an impulsive manner on the macro setup, that will be a crypto-like trade with an exceedingly high Risk Reward Ratio to the upside (with tight stops).USDKRW 1M: below 1300 since 2009
Major macro break from the 1300 level on the USD/Korean Won (KRW). The Korean Won is letting go with an impulsive move to upside from the key 1300 level.
USDKRW 6H: Impulsive break upside
All our themes on major FX pairs are coming to fruition – Dollar dominance against the Yen, the Euro, the Korean Won; with the Swiss Franc to outperform the Euro which is already trading below parity. All these macro FX trades were called in our YouTube video from September 2021 here: Six Macro FX Reset TradesWatch our detailed breakdown on key events for EUR/USD and USD/KRW here:
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