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  1. EURCHF has run Parity since this call. Short 1.0865 current 0.9979

Later, with more to come:

  • EURUSD has performed from to its H&S’s Target Running our $EURUSD Target for a 1:15 RRR

Later, again with more expected.

  • The Euro is the most punished Major, since the Ukraine conflict emerged
  • The USDRUB has outperformed Target to our Sept 2021 set up, joining our previous success in the Turkish Lira [USDTRY], further highlighting our emphasis of pressure on FX Emergings in rolling ‘Geopolitical events’.


  • A smaller structure has performed on our USDKRW, with the major patterns triggering event not being too far off in our view.
  • Described the Macro Commodity cycle as the ‘Big Long’ at  Agri’s energies everything 15:55

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Oil WTI Monthly