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The 5 Ms you will need to be a successful trader (no one is talking about this but without this foundation, you may as well quit right now).

The 7 deadly mistakes all beginner to intermediate traders are prone to make – avoid these and the battle is half won for you.

The 3 great gifts that you as a small retail trader have over the institutional big money traders.

It’s the volatility stupid – the essence of the Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] Trading Method and how it is different from traditional technical analysis. Yes! You will come away with a powerful trading concept that you may apply right now to accelerate your trading result

The most important things to learn from volatility and the squeeze – this changes EVERYTHING! In this series we will peel back the curtain and show you real-life examples that indicate how the unique Hunt Volatility Funnel Method gives us an improved reward for an optimized risk time and time again with our bespoke “set and forget” trading style on all markets from commodities to equities, forex and cryptocurrencies!