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What a magnificent last month it has been for friends of real money!

We have always long term invested precious Metals during the bear markets, and regularly traded against this investment to the short side during the nine [9] year bear market. Which has suddenly became the run away bull we always expected it to be some day.

Some of the key moments are captured in the chart below.

Gold needed to turn first, as ‘God Market’ and we called for a Gold Bull Market at $1,295 on a falling wedge upside break, at the key moment in our view. It was in a first upside Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] in a new trend, as well as a Potential complex Macro Inverted Head & Shoulders Illustrated below in orange, in June 2019.

We re-asserted similarly for XAUEUR & XAUGBP, both with Massive Weekly Upside Hunt Volatility Funnel [HVF] Set ups, Those targets now made.

Gold chart – Weekly

The CV-19 Collapse provided a Super spike on the Gold/Silver Ratio, we never felt sustainable this was long term sustainable at a high point of 128.

We awaited the first sign of clear reversal after this ‘Blow Off’ event, and called for aggressive Silver Longs & a More Broad Precious Metals Bull market, as we crossed the 113 XAUXAG ratio to the downside.

We also took multi-year ‘Call Options’ on:

1. First Majestic [AG]

2. Small Gold Miners ETF [GDXJ]

3. Pan American

Gold Silver Ratio – Biweekly

Our call was for Silver to play catch up extensively versus a strong Gold. Remember when Gold was last at $1900’s in 2011, Silver hit a high of $49.

So Silver has run beautifully since the CV-19 low, which actually was the new bear market low for a very short time!

Silver – Weekly

I have so many other charts to show you like the Equities, already mentioned so much is green, join us for Non-Farm Payrolls tomorrow, more details on the links below.

During this time we were also active in the Forex Markets.

The Collapse of the Turkish Lira, is my favorite trade, we reasserted this again when Margins increased, despite making target we anticipate ‘Blow off’ runs of over performance, see the Volatility Measure compared to the last Blow Off. [Pink]

EURTRY – 2xDaily Chart

Crypto has also been amazing, we made a ‘Quality ALT coin’ Bull market, buy call, this saw ADA, ETH, Tezos & Link outperform.

I started a 1 Bitcoin, Bitmex account around My Birthday the end of March 2020, just after a massive CV-19 slam for Crypto’s.

Trading mainly ADA, ETH & a little of BTC we have run that account up to 41 Bitcoin in 4 months, whilst taxing 15 Bitcoin out to soft Investment positions away from the ‘red hot’ Leverage!

Details below for those who like to follow actual trades. Similar for my High Leverage Scandinavian Capital Markets up from around $10,000 to $265,970.67 Links to open similar are below.

Here is the relative strength we predicted for ETHBTC. As ETH left the 2.3% of a BTC to climb to over 3.5%, we expect more to follow.

Ethereum – 18 hour



BitMex – Crypto

This is a small selection of outcomes, utilizing Hunt Volatility Funnel Method [HVF], plus great Partners for high leverage at select moments, stable moderate leverage trading & Long Term Investment. Not for everyone without training & experience. We have most equity in low leverage platforms & unleveraged investments. Do not attempt to replicate this, it is to illustrate the power of method, timing and developed skills that are totally transferable.

Have you seen any signs of Financial Reset yet?

My sole purpose, as a service, is to exploit the opportunities, to maximize wealth, in Reset Financial Times.

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All mentioned here I utilize as my primary service providers in the areas they cover. I will never partner with people I will not utilize myself.

There will be some new trading Lifestyle Millionaires and there will be some UBI collecting, government owned poor. I have warned before, these are polarizing times.

Till next time.

Play safe, stay awake, Trade accurately like a “Sniper”.