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Hi Trader Friends,

The great thing with an Insightful, “Be, Early” method such as The Hunt Volatility Funnel Method, is when looking at Individual Stocks recently, we only found short set up’s before the recent Indices falls on SP500, DOW Jones 30 and the RUSSELL 2000.

Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3G6c1Qhvyg&feature=youtu.be for the video version of the blogpost.

Here were a few we found:

Slightly Ahead of the others on the bearish side, was Equities version of Crypto, aka the Cannabis/Pot Stocks.

Our Pick was Tilray Inc, $TLRY

We forecast are a Hammering from $79 by with potential for a Market Capitalisation decimation from 50 – 60%

The Above image is post our “Triggering event”.

Here is the YouTube update showing the triggering event as it broke referring to the call on March 4th 2019.

YouTube Title – Tilray inc – TLRY – 10.5 RRR – 60 Percent MC haircut?


This was a Reward to Risk Ratio [RRR] of 9.92 – 10.5 at the initial instance with part position Overperformance.

We were pretty Bearish Financials & especial Energy plays technically. Time to meet trade Number two.

Marathon Petroleum Company – MPC

This call was only slightly more Modest call short at $61 – $60.8, Stops $62, first Target $46.59

I peppered short entries on ‘Shooting star’ Limit Sell wicks, as shown on one of the platforms I trade below, some stops tighter still. Date 1st of May 2019.

With Gratitude to The Hunt Volatility Funnel Method [HVF], the community were rewarded again with a Target made 30 days later, with up to 13.5 RRR, again with partial position over performance not included.

My Entries actually received additional gain on a gap through our target for positive slippage.

Speaking of Gaps, UK Bank Metro Bank, gap’d through Target too on poor earnings with a double digit RRR.

Plus she pressed on further lower in a clear overrun.

Who doesn’t love a Steak/especially one from Texas. Apparently a few may be turning off them, after all. Texas Road House Holdings $TXRH.

Pre-Break, from one of our community members
In a broadening megaphone, post bad earnings.

On the Tech, Cloud & security side, we viewed $FEYE, Fireeye, with distaste, it currently remains well set for a Possible Target performance. Before & today.

This was our analysis inside the community on the 10th of April.

Here it is as of today. Still not home, but bleeding green into our P&L’s for now.

5. On banks, there is my old pal, we have been very bearish on $DBK, since post 2011, Deutsche Bank, it had a small Time frame, set up which saw us calling for a sub EUR 6.00 dive this happened today, again on a gap.

On the Monthly Super Macro side.

We have maintained a bear bias since its Macro post sub-prime crisis break at over EUR 24.

We have a lot more interesting shorts, we think there is overproduction, in cars, lack of demand, and massive Sub-Prime Car Loan situation in Play, but the most blustering car company is clearly Tesla $TSLA.

We said the following on

Ahhhh… Tesla aka, $TSLA & its Troll Bot & Short army $TSLAQ. Now to be successful in shorting you not only have to be accurate but you also need your timing to be on.

Stanley Druckenmiller shorted TESLA and lost a great deal of money, I suspect he is right, but the market was prepared to be “more wrong” before allowing him his day, and he couldn’t wait around, with expensive trade to hold, as his short was draining his performance away. If Stanley hired me as his Hunt Volatility Funnel Method & Timing guy, he might have had a different outcome.

Here is our YouTube when we stated now may be the time for a $266 – sub $180 run, that is a 86/266 – close to a 32,33 % run, well before Elon’s latest Gaffe’s and fantasy Shareholders meeting call with Analysts, exposing lack of demand.

Stanley’s Numbers would have looked great, if he could have trouser-ed 1/3rd of his Short position for his fund.

Tesla Short call $267.59 You Tube


Here is a Trade Gallery across the short time frame & the 4 hourly chart and Macro Weekly chart. Above our Short Call on Tesla, $TSLA

Post Target snap back rally
How it looked on the bigger time frame

$180 level made, key level where support may lurk.

There was also a lot of pre-earnings, set ups. Mind the gap is a problem when in accurate, it can be pleasant when big disappointments emerge on your short trade, we call it ‘positive slippage’.

Meet SAIL, Sailpoint Technologies.

Before Earnings
Post Earnings.
The Positive Profit Slippage adds a further 110% to an already good Reward to Risk Ratio

Look there is more, and we don’t only ‘win’, but it has been a great October 2018 to June 2019 season, whilst the main Indices were making new highs, we kept finding 2nd tier US stocks for shorts. Then the indices turned over first in October 2018, and again now in May/June 2019.

This doesn’t mention our Forex, Crypto & Commodity trades. See a quick Oil set up for a quick sample.

With Oil down & Sanctions up for Russia

Some may say it was bold, taking the JP Morgan Russia Fund $JRS for a buy, however it turned out just fine.

My point is it’s tough on your own, you cant track all trades and markets, and find all the set up’s even if an AI programmer, with a few personal assistants in support and full time on it.

We have a community of learning, wealth building and sharing ‘Lifestyle Traders’ on a custom desktop and Mobile Application, exclusively for our highly trained group of willing trade finders.

Our members fully learn a skill of a lifetime in its fullness, not guessing at aspects from a few freeview YouTube’s. Unfortunately I cringe at some set ups’s tweeted to me by some seeking to HVF Trade on the cheap. Most are trades I would not take and represent bad form for a number of reasons.

Another of my long standing students and staff support person of over 2 years, more than doubled his trading capital since October 2018 to today. He manages his risk very tightly, as do we all, and also teaches webinars weekly to the community.

If you serious about becoming a lifestyle trader and wish to associate with other people who are serious and motivated and wish to be around winning traders and mentors, visit our new website below.


Thank you for reading this far, what ever you do trade small, make your own decisions, Invest in your trader development & learning, nobody starts as a complete trader. No Advisory content implied herein.

Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3G6c1Qhvyg&feature=youtu.be for the video about this blogpost.

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